Thursday, March 28, 2013

Property Owner Alert - Buyer Making Strange Offers

Miami Companies Soliciting To Buy Lots At Half Price Or Less

LABELLE, FL. -- Property owners around the country may be receiving letters in the mail in coming weeks from a Miami company offering to buy vacant lots and land. A real estate broker appears to be affiliated with the offer.

Letters from Malsi Consulting, Inc. have been received  by owners of Florida properties offering to buy lots for as low as $1,500, minus any property taxes owed. They offer to buy with no closing costs and no commissions, but the offers were considerably below what might be a market price.

Update: In April, property owners began receiving substantially the same letter but now from "Investment By MG, LLC" at the same address on Kendall Drive in Miami. The offer was for $2,000 "if your property meets our requirements..." A search for that company came up with nothing on the Florida Secretary of State's list of corporations.

In July, 2013 the letter was again received but this time the offer went up to $2,500 for each lot in Port LaBelle. There is still is no state corporate registration found for "Investment By MG, LLC.

In Hendry county where some Port LaBelle property owners have received the letters, the county property appraisers office shows a typical lot in Port LaBelle is actually worth about $3,000 or more. So, a typical owner who might decide to sell to the outfit is going to take a loss on their investment after paying any taxes due.

In a confusing combination of affiliated companies and real estate brokers, Malsi Consulting is apparently the lead in finding willing sellers at discount prices.

Malsi Consulting, Inc., located at 10631 N. Kendall Drive in Miami, is owned by Albert Sigler, a real estate broker who has his license with American Prime Realty, Inc. at the same address. His letter asks prospective lot sellers to call Mayda Gomez at (305) 761-5508 or toll free at (800) 544-1491. She does not appear to be an official with Malsi Consulting but owns two other real estate companies in the same building and is actually a real estate broker.

Mayda J. Gomez, according to the Florida Secretary of State's office is the owner of American Prime Properties. Inc. and American Prime Realty, Inc. located in the same building. Her company reportedly buys vacant lots at big discounts and then attempts to resell them.

The 800 number on the letter is associated with Gomez' company American Prime Group owned by Margarita Galiana at the same address, and Lomar Holdings, Inc., also at the same address. Alberto Sigler, Sr. also owns American Prime Insurance, Inc. at the same address.

To further confuse who is the real buyer, Lomar Holdings LLC is the owner of American Prime LLC, which appears to be the actual buyer of some of the properties bought in the past. Margarita Galiana is the registered agent for American Prime at the Kendall Drive address in Miami.

Advice To Sellers: If you contemplate selling a vacant property, check with a local real estate agent before making a decision to sell to an outside of area company at what may be a price well below actual market prices. And ask questions of who the prospective buyer really is if there are several different companies involved in the offers to buy/ Ask why so many companies seem to be involved in the offer to buy.

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