Monday, April 22, 2013

1 Dead In Crash - Passenger Critical

Tire Blows - Buick Hits Numerous Obstacles Killing Driver

VENUS, FL. -- According to the crash report by FHP Master Sergeant D. W. Taylor, a 2002 Buick was traveling eastbound Sunday about 5:07 p.m. on State Road 70 at Robert McGee Road in Highlands county when the left rear tire blew out.

Sean South Giles, 32 of Delray Beach, Fl. lost control causing the vehicle to rotate clockwise and exit off onto the south shoulder of State Road 70 when it started to overturn, colliding with a fence, trees, then a utility pole.

The vehicle came to final rest on its roof against a palm tree, facing in a southerly direction.

Passenger Sarah Lynn June Staley, 25 of Boyton Beach was taken to Tampa General Hospital in critical condition.  Neither the driver or passenger were wearing seatbelts. It is unknown whether the crash was alcohol related.


  1. It was not alcohol related. They were both very good people and great parents. They would not have put their lives in danger by drinking and driving that far. They were on their way home to get their children after a weekend canoeing trip. It disgust me to read "It is unknown whether the crash was alcohol related." I can't believe anyone could put that in there do you ever stop to think someone lost a son, father, boyfriend, best friend and brother? How would you feel if you read that about your child or your father?

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  3. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Yeah, you sons a bitches!!!

  4. In FHP crash reports the investigator indicates whether alcohol was a factor. The reports may indicate "no" "yes" "unknown" or pending a BAC test. In this report it was indicated "unknown"


  5. Anonymous11:36 AM

    The tire blew out. shame on you for the alcohol comment. It's irrelevant to the situation

  6. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Our thoughts & prayers are with both families at this sad time...let's all pray that Sarah makes a full recovery! The McFaul Family- Boynton Beach

  7. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Dear Editor: No matter what the FHP report says it should not be put on here. This is a tragic accident and everything that is put on here affects the families. You really should think about this going forward.

  8. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Look I understand EVERYONE is upset and emotional right now, but this article is stating the facts. It's not implying that there was alcohol, nor is it accusing anyone. It's just stating the facts that were known at the time. It shouldn't be affecting people the way it is. It clearly states they weren't wearing seat belts and it was unknown if alcohol was involved, which are two huge factors in any accident. We are all heartbroken over the situation but yelling and blasting a news report over what it says isn't going to solve anything. It wasn't defaming anyone, it was clearly stating the facts.

  9. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I agree.. You say according to the crash report "the tire blew out.." so why you would mention alcohol (especially if it's unknown) is beyond me.. If it had said "yes" then put it, but it said "unknown..." meaning imho irrelevant

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  11. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Faulty Tires...hum mm!!!! No Alcohol,really... you would have smelt it a mile away! The State Troopers of Florida have some really good State Troopers and then their are some that could not analysis squat. Really...they did not drink. What if you stated they were texting, having a conversation, etc... No... not standard for our FL State Troopers to say any other phrase in their handbook's.
    Consider the faulty TIRE on the vehicle. We just found one of my nephew's car 3 days a go. That means you would have to look a little further before stating ALCOHOL related on a tragic accident. You did not emphasis enough on the seat belts. How about the two lane Road and no where to go with a Blown Out tire! Oh yes, there is an Eight foot ditch/ravine, trees, water, and concrete poles. All articles reported by our news media is from our State Troopers report. My Family is Deeply Sadden and so many prayers are with Both Families and praying for Sarah's recovery.

  12. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Seriously when will State Road 70 be widen? There is no where to go when car troubles happen! We/I have read to many accidents on this stretch of 2 lane road/highway. One of 3 of Florida's main roads for central and south Florida to travel over to the west coast.

  13. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Everyone is emotional at a tragic loss . Condolances and sympathy to the family and loved ones. This is a great news blog , I read it to find the latest up to date info. It's common knowledge that accident reports usually contain an alcohol factor -- no one is insinuating that alcohol was invovled in this news story , it seems to me ! Peace be with the family at this time.