Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mystery Donations - Who Did It?

Mysterious Donations At Museum

LABELLE, FL. -- Anonymous "donations" have been left at the front door of LaBelle's Heritage Museum that have volunteers perplexed. Some two weeks ago a plastic shopping bag was found hanging from the front door. It was discovered to contain one of the museum's three-ring binders of information on local residents and events that had evidently been taken from the museum without permission at some time in the past. 

Did the "borrower" finally decide it should be returned? Who knows.

More recently a box was left at the front door that contained what appears to be a LaBelle High School Marching Band uniform hat with its bright red plume together with a copy of the late Ailsa Dewing's book of excerpts from LaBelle's weekly newspapers from 1922 to 1931 and a copy of Peter Mathiessen's Lost Man River, the second of his three volumes on the infamous Edgar Watson. 

Are these two anonymous donations connected? LaBelle Heritage Museum's volunteers would definitely like to know if there is a connection or merely two isolated happenings. Any and all information shared even an anonymous message left on the museum's voice mail at 863-674-0034, will be appreciated.

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