Tuesday, June 11, 2013

14-Year Old Arrested For Five Bomb Threats

Student Uses Laptop And Skype To Make Calls Say Investigators

LABELLE. FL. -- On Wednesday, June 5, 2013, Hendry County Investigators took Jourdan Dampier, 14 into custody and charged him with five counts of False Bomb Threats. Dampier is currently being held in Fort Myers, at the Juvenile Detention Center.

On Wednesday, May 29, 2013, Hendry County Deputies responded to five separate complaints reporting that they had received phone calls from an automated female voice stating, “A bomb will detonate in 15 minutes. I suggest you evacuate”.

At 2:08 pm, Deputies first responded to the LaBelle Middle School after receiving the automated call. All personnel still present on the school campus were evacuated and a search was conducted for any suspicious items. LaBelle Middle School was cleared by law enforcement personnel after they were found nothing suspicious.

Beginning at 6:37 pm, within a six-minute period, Hendry County Sheriffs Deputies were dispatched to four additional locations. The first was Handy South, Located at 1040 State Road 29, BP Gas station located at 280 W. Hickpochee Ave., Sal Cal Pizza, located at 732 South Main Street, and Winn Dixie Grocery Store, located at 906 South Main Street.

All four businesses received calls from an automated female voice indicating that there was a bomb on the premises and it would detonate. Business operators safely evacuated their locations and law enforcement officers searched all areas for any suspicious devices, none were found.

One of the local businesses was able to capture the phone number the call was generated from along with a name. Hendry County IT Director Ryan Purdy, who oversees Hendry County Sheriff’s Office technology, was able to determine that the phone number used was a default number for Skype.com.

During the investigation, Purdy along with Hendry County Investigators were provided with the account information. Investigators were able to determine that 14 year old Dampier utilized a laptop computer in conjunction with the Skype account to generate the automated messages to local business. 

In an eleven hour period Dampier attempted to initiate twelve bomb threats, however only five of the calls were successful.

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