Saturday, June 08, 2013

Car Rolls Multiple Times - One Dead In Crash

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- An unidentified female driver is dead after her car rolled over numerous times on a rural roadway in the Lake Okeechobee area of Florida.

A 2008 Dodge Avenger was traveling north on CR 721 north of SR 78 in Glades County, Florida about 5:17 p.m. Friday, June 7 when for unknown reasons it left the roadway and began traveling north on the east shoulder of CR 721.

The car traveled through two private driveways while traveling north on the east shoulder of CR 721 and then collided with two concrete poles on the east shoulder of CR 721.

The vehicle continued traveling north and began overturning multiple times and the driver was ejected completely from the car. The driver was not wearing a seat belt.

The vehicle came to rest on its roof, facing west, on the east shoulder of CR 721 and the driver came to rest east of the vehicle on the east shoulder of CR 721.

Next of kin has not been notified. A family member could not be located, said FHP Trooper Danny Diaz and homicide investigator Corporal Juan Quintana.

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  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    I'd like to update this article. There are some strange things surrounding this accident; like the fact that the "unidentified woman" ALWAYS wore her seatbelt, how the seatbelt was buckled and she was supposedly "sitting" on it that way, how she had groceries in her trunk, yet she was heading to a casino...without a single bit of cash in her purse, how she would never speed as she was too scared to do so, how it was stated she was trying to "go around someone," which is something else she never did. She was a cautious driver. She would never go to a casino without having some sort of cash at least. All was left in her purse were pennies! As well, she had just received her recently deceased husband's social security check on June 3rd (who passed away May 7th due to health issues) for 1180 dollars, in addition to his government death benefit of 250 dollars, yet all she had in her bank account was 95 dollars!!!!

    Also, it was noted that a "friend" of the son of the woman's significant other of 30+ years just happened to "recognize" her new Avenger that she had less than 24 hours! He then supposedly notified the "son" mentioned above who intervened as police were headed to the significant other's home to inform him of the incident, stating his father was old and had heart problems and he didn't want the police to tell him anything as to not shake him up; yet he beat his father's door so loudly that he fell out of his bed and ripped a large portion of skin off his arm. If the son didn't want to upset his father, why did he do that? Also, her purse was handed over to the son (who was not next of kin) and who would not give it to the significant other (his father) because he was supposedly told to give it to next of kin only.

    It was later stated that no one recognized the unidentified woman's name, although she had lived in Moore Haven for 30 years...she was well known in that town!!

    She died on her estranged husband's birthday, the husband who had just passed away a month to the day earlier!

    And next of kin was FINALLY notified after next of kin and many other family members called repeatedly to find out what happened. A state trooper finally showed up to confirm what next of kin already knew by then by looking up the accident report and noting "fatality!"

    Something is not right about this. The car was not even checked to see if the brakes were faulty, or if any other part of the vehicle could have caused the accident. It was also stated that alcohol was smelled as her body was brought to the morgue... This is all simply being chalked up to "carelessness." Why bother doing a homicide investigation if you're not going to check out something as simple as the brakes on the car, a faulty seatbelt, etc.?

    At any rate, you best believe if a toxicology report comes back as having no alcohol in her system, the unidentified woman's family (especially her youngest daughter) will be spending quite a bit of time in Moore Haven to see about all these "strange" things that are surrounding her accident...and exactly where her money went, as there were nothing but old receipts in her purse!!