Friday, October 24, 2014

Changes Coming To Gas Stations - Strong Arm Suspect Caught

What's Happening In Clewiston This Week

CLEWISTON, FL. --  Changes may be coming to two gas stations in Clewiston, Community Development Director Reese says he has  received calls regarding changes to two local gas stations. 

The Valero station, located at 101 North Berner Road has discussed changing to Mobil and the Hess station, located at 433 East Sugarland Hwy. may be changing to Speedway. 

Director Reese says the department is waiting for their site plans and sign application paperwork to arrive.

Four of the Clewiston Planning & Zoning members have been reappointed by the City Commission for two more years: Lewell Hughes, Haitham Kaki, Donnie Hughes, and Vic McCorvey. Michael Atkinson is the fifth member.

Police Chief Don Gutshall reports on Monday evening, a strong armed robbery occurred shortly after the victim left the Clewiston Utilities Building. As he crossed the street, another man approached him from behind and physically and forcefully removed money from an elderly man’s pockets. 

Police Department K-9 was deployed and was quickly able to track and arrest the suspect, Javier
Crespo, who was identified by the victim.

Chief Gutshall says the department will have a couple of extra officers out Saturday evening to monitor activity and keep an eye on parked vehicles around the City park for Fall Festival held this weekend. Extra officers were scheduled to be out patrolling during the overnight scheduled power
outage this week.
Following is a summary of the week’s police activities:
1228 Commercial / Residential Security Checks
604 Complaints Investigated
12 Arrests Made
21 Traffic Citations Issued
29 Traffic Warnings Issued
4 City Ordinance Violations
7 Shopping Carts Removed
36 Improperly Placed Signs Removed/Moved
66 Merchant EscortsFYI – October 24, 2014 Page 3
11 Alarms Responded To
3 Traffic Accidents Investigated

In other city news, October being Fire Safety Month, the Clewiston Fire Marshal has been busy promoting fire prevention at the local elementary schools. Eastside and Westside have had their “community helper” day. There are also scheduled tours of the firehouse for preschool kids and the fire department has been reaching out to home school mothers so those kids can be educated on fire safety as well.

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