Thursday, October 30, 2014

Letter To The Editor On Marijuana Amendment

It's seems like supporting Amendment 2 makes everyone automatically assume you use marijuana and that it's going to give everyone this constitutional ability to be able to abuse it as a drug.

I personally believe if medical marijuana brings relief to someone's pain no matter the cause they should have the right to choose what best brings them the best relief no matter what their medical condition warrants. Why should a patient be denied that right? Why is it OK for them to be given dangerous narcotic drugs with terrible side affects?
If a patient gets the relief they need without the major side-effects and the destruction of pharmaceutical drugs, I'm all for it, regardless of their condition so long as it is providing them the relief they need. Why should patients with one type of pain only be able to receive XYZ for their pain, while another patient with this condition and the same pain levels are given XYZ for their condition. Is it because one patient is likely terminal and one isn't?
Pain is pain, and no one, especially the government, shouldn't be able to pick the winners and losers in who should receive what type of pain relief for what type of condition they think it warrants.
Medical marijuana should be given to any patients it benefits given any condition and the risks that are involved which are to be determined between a patient and their doctor.

-Paul Harper
Naples, Florida

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  1. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Excellent post! Totally agree. I have Crohns disease and although at this point I do not need medical marijuana (not currently in a flare up), I would hope that those that are dealing with daily debilitating pain with a chronic illness for the rest of their lives would have access to it....and should the need arise for myself, I would want it available for myself as well.