Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Homes Wanted For Cats - Owner Passed Away At Hospice

Two Cats Need New Homes!
Sarann passed away recently in Hope hospice. She left behind two beautiful cats. Sarann’s family are all out of state. Her Health Care Surrogate turned to us to see if we could help find new homes for the cats.

Sweety is a 10-year old female cat. She loves attention.

Taz is a 7-year old male cat that is standoffish until he gets to know you, then he will let you rub his belly, something he really enjoys.

Both are house trained, indoor cats, with up to date shots. They get along really well.

Can you help us find new homes for Sweety and Taz?

Hope can help pay for the cats’ exams/treatments, grooming, and start up supplies and we can even you get established with a local vet.

If interested, please contact Colette at 985-7728 or email at Colette.johns@hopehcs.org.

Pet Peace of Mind® (PPOM) is a Hope program designed to provide assistance to our patients and their pets, based on financial and/or physical needs. All requests will be considered on an individual basis.

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