Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Marijuana: Yes Or No - Voters Will Decide

LABELLE, FL. -- In less than two weeks, voters will decide whether medical marijuana will be sold in Florida. The much discussed topic has supporter smoking mad on both sides.

Meanwhile other issues on the ballot are taking a back seat, with the possible exception of the Governor's race between Charlie Crist and Rick Scott, with attack ads flying over the airwaves at a steady pace.

The League of Women Voters has published an excellent guide for voters with information on all the issues including the three constitutional amendments, water and land conservation, medical marijuana, and judicial appointments: candidates for Governor Crist and Scott; Attorney General Pam Bondi and George Sheldon;  Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater and William Rankin; and Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam and Thaddeus Hamilton.

Read non-partisan facts on all the issues and candidates at the League of Women Voters of Florida Education Fund

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