Thursday, July 02, 2015

William Clement - Serious Injuries In Crash

PALMDALE, FL. -- William F. Clement, Jr. 55 of Palmdale, FL is in serious condition at Lee Memorial Hospital after being hit by a truck at 7 a.m. Thursday morning on US27 at State Road 29 in Glades County.

A Volvo Tractor driven by Robert W. Boule, Jr., 30 of Punta Gorda, FLwas traveling in the northbound left turn lane of U.S. 27, approaching the intersection ofS.R. 29.

Clement was traveling in the southbound left lane of U.S. 27, approaching the intersection of S.R. 29. Both vehicles had a solid green light for the intersection. A 1992 Tractor driven by Arturo Ochoa Almaraz, 49 of Naples, FL was stopped in the northbound lane of S.R. 29 at the red traffic signal for U.S. 27.

Boule turned left at the intersection in front of Clement, who steered to the right to avoid Boule and then entered the southbound right lane of U.S. 27 and then entered the painted divided section on the northwest side of the intersection.

Boule entered the southbound lane of S.R. 29. Clement's front struck the right side wheels of Boule's and the right front side of his trailer. Boule's vehicle rotated clockwise and its left side wheels then struck the left side of V03's wheels and the left front side of Almaraz's trailer. Boule continued to travel forward and caused Clement's vehicle to rotate clockwise in the divided section.

The other two drivers had no injuries. Boule was charged with Fail to Yield to Oncoming Traffic while making a left turn.

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