Friday, November 13, 2015

Personal Robot 'Pepper' Responds To Emotions

It may not be very long before personal robots in the home may be commonplace. Pepper, a personal robot from Japan listens to your voice and analyzes your body language and can modify his language or his gestures to adapt to the given situation.

Aldebaran created Pepper for SoftBank Mobile, the largest mobile phone and telecom company in Japan, where the robot welcomes customers in more than 2,600 Softbank stores.

Pepper, at 61 pounds and four foot tall has a screen on his chest where he shows his emotions and what's happening in his inner world, A 3D camera perceives his surroundings and human activity up to 10 feet away. 1,000 robots sold out in September when Softbank made them available to the public.

Link: How Pepper Works

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