Friday, September 30, 2011

Casey Anthony Doubles Over Responding To News Report

Jailed Casey Hyperventilates Upon Seeing News Report About Found Dead Child

A video released today showing scenes from the Orange county, Florida jail shows a jailed Casey Anthony reacting to December 2008 news that a child's body had been found in the woods near her family's Orlando home.

Defense attorney Jose Baez attempted to keep the video under court seal arguing that the video was privileged under HIPPA medical privacy rules. The court this week disagreed, and released the jail video to be viewed as any normal public document can be.

In the video, a restrained Anthony is seen in a chair in a waiting room at the Orange county jail on December 8, 2008, when news is broadcast on a television in the room, about the discovery of unidentified child's bones in the woods near the Anthony home.

She is seem to be looking up at the TV briefly then doubling over and hyperventilating but not looking back at the television again. The jail video had been sealed from public view by the judge and not allowed in the trial.

Speculation is that since she admitted at trial that she knew daughter Caylee Anthony was dead, having died in a pool accident, that the video shows evidence that she knew where the 2-year old was buried, and when the news account was broadcast, she was shocked that a body had been found.

That she didn't look back at the TV so see more of what the news was, indicates she already knew the body found in the woods was that of Caylee's.

Other's speculate that she was distraught because she didn't know where Caylee was buried.

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