Wednesday, September 07, 2011

QR Codes Link To Savings On The Mobile Web

QR Codes -Use Your Phone To Instantly Access The Mobile Web

iPhones, iPads, Blackberry, and Adroid cell phones are accessing 2-D bar codes, or QR codes to jump instantly to special offers and additional information found on the mobile web free product trials, special savings promotions, as well as product descriptions and even videos.

QR is an abbreviations for "quick response." Surveys show about 14 million U.S. mobile phone users scanned a QR code in June, 2011, or about 6.2% of the mobile users.

Half of all U.S. phones are expected to be smart phones by year end.

2-D bar codes have been popular in Asia for a decade and in Europe for the last five years, and began to take off in the U.S. just last year.

The most likely place codes were scanned were in newspapers and magazines and on product packaging.

To use a code, take a picture with the phone's camera and a QR code app will load a web page automatically to the screen. It's a convenient way to get information instantly using a smart phone while shopping or reading catalogs or brochures.

The "QR" code, a unique black and white square graphic design as shown here is used by the phone's camera to find a designated web page using a QR reader app.

For example, snap the QR code above with your smartphone to see 2011's most read news item published on the Sunday Morning News/Southwest Florida.

Retailers and advertisers are including the square codes on packaging and store displays to allow consumers convenient access to information about products and services instantly using their smart phones.

Some vendors use the codes for instant savings or special promotions only available using smart phones.

GNC places codes on signs and in store windows, leading customers to the "deal of the day." Sears uses QR codes in it's catalogs and circulars and throughout stores to direct shoppers to it's online commerce site where a purchase can be made or more product information can be found.

eBay even uses the codes at NASCAR events, and car shows leading viewers to it's eBay Motors site.

(A second format for the 2-D codes is Microsoft's Tag code. Lowe's places it's Tag codes on plants in it's nurseries, a snap leads to a mobile page of detailed instructions on how to care for the plant.)

If you have not added a QR reader app to your smart phone, just google "QR app" to download one. Then just snap a picture of the square. It's as easy as that.

(Snap the QR Code above: Southwest Florida Online's most read news story of all time.)

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