Friday, September 30, 2011

Florida Consumer Confidence Rising?

According to the University of Florida's latest poll of consumers, Florida's consumer confidence index rose this month to 64, up three points from a revised mark of 61 in August, which was only two points higher than the record low of 59 set in June 2008.

Of the five components used by University of Florida researchers to measure confidence, four edged upward. Expectations, for instance, that personal finances would rise in the coming year went up five points to 78. In addition, consumer anticipation that the U.S. economy will improve in the coming year rose by one point to 52.

There was also a four-point increase to 66 in the overall expectation that the country will see economic gains during the next five years. Meanwhile, confidence that now is a good time to purchase retail big ticket items, such as laptops and cars, rose six points to 74.

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