Friday, September 30, 2011

"Yes" Votes For Florida's X-Factor Teen Jazzlyne

Cape Coral Student Gets Biggest Break On X-Factor Show

Jazzlyne Little, 16-year old teen from Cape Coral, Florida's Ida Baker High School got the biggest break of her young singing career Thursday night on Fox's X-Factor nationwide talent show featuring Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul.

Little, singing Mary J. Blige's hit "I'm Goin' Down" wowed all four celebrity judges after a 10-minute spot on the televised show Thursday. "My whole world's upside down," as the lyrics say, may well apply to the talented young singer Jazz, as she likes to be known.

The final contestant shown on the popular television show's auditions Thursday night, Jazzlyne, a high school sophomore, sang before the four judges and an audience of 4,000 in Miami, and was the featured final performer shown on the show during the last ten minutes of the show Thursday.

The show edited her nervous backstage wait, as she told herself "Relax, Relax, Relax" while talking on camera in preparation for her appearance before Cowell and Abdul. Mouthing "wow" as she walked on the huge elaborate stage before the Miami audience, she told Simon Cowell she was "extremely nervous." "Everybody's looking at me right now," she explained to Cowell.

Little told the panel she only had 500 views on her Youtube page. She said, "People don't like to watch my videos, I don't know..."

Starting into her selected song, the crowd roared and then rose to their feet as she sang the words "I'm goin' down, I'm goin' down" while Simon Cowell smiled broadly. Paula hugged judge Nicole Scherzinger in a kumbaya moment. Music industry executive L.A. Reed exclaimed "Sixteen, man, Sixteen!"

(Above: Litttle's Audition Video courtesy Youtube)

Her next step will be the X-Factor "bootcamp" where she will compete against scores of other singers sent through by the celebrity judge panel.

Update: Jazzlyn successfully went through the X-Factor Bookcamp and on to the final 32, spending her days in France at judge Simon Cowell's estate with seven other girl singers. Cowell, however on the October 18th show airing, cut her from the competition, Jazzlyn therefore not making it to the live show with the final 16 singers returning back to the U.S.

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