Sunday, September 09, 2012

Clewiston City Manager Pleads For Library

Funding Decreasing For County Libraries?

CLEWISTON, FL. -- This week Clewiston City Manager Steve McKown issued a plea to increase funding for the Hendry county library system this.  

McKown said, "This week, I would like to draw your attention to a potential funding fiasco for the libraries in Hendry County (Harlem, Barron in LaBelle, and Clewiston). Hendry County already funds libraries at a clip lower than any other county in the entire State of Florida.

"While realizing the approximate $2.2M budgetary shortfalls of Hendry County, cutting per capita funding to libraries is a two-edged sword. First, a reduction in funding decreases a service that Clewiston has over 100 users per day, a majority from the unincorporated areas of Hendry County. Secondly, the State has a two year look back for State aid to local libraries.

"What this means is, in two years, the State’s portion of funding will be decreased because Hendry County has decreased local spending – a true funding fiasco! Clewiston’s library costs approximately $300,000 per year to run. Of that funding, roughly $100,000 is supplied by State aid and per capita funding, with the vast majority of that being State aid.

"I would encourage you to contact your County Commissioner and ask them to Save the Libraries!"

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