Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Hendry-Glades Official's Finance Disclosures Late

Government Officials Financial Statements Past Due
LABELLE, FL. -- According to the Florida Commission on Ethics, 1,240 state and local officials and government employees have failed to file their 2011 financial disclosure reports that were due July 1, 2012. 

Four government officials in Hendry and Glades county have not filed their required personal financial statements as of September 3rd. 

1,240 late filers (as of August 29) will begin facing fines of $25 per late day (up to a $1,500 cap) if they fail to send their required financial disclosure forms to the Florida Commission on Ethics with a postmark on or before September 4, 2012. If a complaint is filed against the individual there is no cap on the fine amount.

Required to file financial disclosures each year with the Florida Commission On Ethics are elected public officers, certain Florida and local government officials, government employees making purchasing decisions, political candidates, and lobbyists. The law allows officials a 60 day grace period to file after July 1 without a financial penalty.

As of today the Florida Commission on Ethics has not received 2011 financial disclosure statements that were due July 1, 2012 from the following from Hendry and Glades County officials:

Pat Lucas - City Councilwoman for Moore Haven City Council in Glades County

Christopher Soud - Administrative Manager Gerber Groves Water Control District, Board of Supervisors in Glades County

Patricia Bailey Pearce - Board Member, District 5, Glades County School Board, Elected Constitutional Officer

Mary Jo Wilson - Deputy City Clerk, City of Labelle in Hendry county

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