Saturday, September 22, 2012

Clewiston High Voltage Wires Shot Out

Electrical Equipment Damaged By Gunfire
CLEWISON, FL. -- Information is wanted by the Hendry Sheriff's department about the shooting of a 138,000 volt electrical transmission line near Harlem outside of Clewiston, along with a transformer on the 7,200 volt line near it. The line and equipment was apparently shot with a large caliber pistol or rifle. 

Had the transmission line completely severed and fallen to the ground, the city would have been without power and the chances are that the person doing the shooting would have been electrocuted. Because of the high voltage on the wires you need only be close to it to be electrocuted. 

Kohler Construction was in Clewiston last week and repaired the 138 kV transmission line that was damaged.  Glades Electric had the wire needed and the repair was completed. Even though the city of Clewiston's equipment can’t reach the transmission lines, they will be ordering a small amount of wire and the crimping tools so that all is needed is a 90 foot bucket to make repairs in the future.

Any information you may have about this incident would be greatly appreciated, says the Clewiston City Manager. Because this occurred outside of the city limits, please call the Hendry sheriff’s office at (863) 674-0406 with any information you may have.

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