Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hendry County's Miller Fund Helping Disabled Camp

Applications Being Accepted For September Camping Experience

LABELLE, FL. -- A Hendry county charity fund is sponsoring a camp for adults with disabilities at the Riverside Retreat Center located west of LaBelle, October 22nd thru October 25th, 2012.

The Robert V. and Benjamin G. Miller Fund will sponsor Trailways Camp, with organizing help from Goodwill of Southwest Florida.

Trailways Camp is currently accepting applications from adults with disabilities ages 18 and older . To be eligible, campers must be living in a parental home, a quasi-independent setting or in a group home or other 24-hour supervised care setting. There are 20 participant spots available.

The Trailways Camp mission will be to remove the social isolation often felt by people with disabilities by providing opportunities for fun, friends and support. Through outdoor activities, group exercises, crafts, and more, campers will have the opportunity to develop recreational skills and build relationships. Activities will include fishing, campfire roasts, a visit by Special Equestrians, canoeing, a talent show, a Halloween party, movie night, and more!

For more information regarding Trailways Camp, camper applications or volunteer opportunities visit www.goodwillswfl.org/trailwayscamp/ or contact Todd Ryan at (239)995-2106 ext. 2285.

The Robert V. and Benjamin G. Miller Fund is a fund of the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, which allows supporters from all over the country to support the Trailways Camp in Southwest Florida. For information about the Robert V. & Benjamin G. Miller Fund visitwww.trailwayscamps.org, email Jerry and Sharon Miller at RV.BG.MillerLegacy@gmail.com or call (239)579-0587.

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