Thursday, January 06, 2022

Scam Alert - Driveway Asphalt Paving

LABELLE, FL. --  It is the season for asphalt paving trucks to head south to warmer states like Florida. A man knocks on your door and convinces you with a low price to seal your driveway or put down a new asphalt drive.

You are now probably going to be scammed.

Warning: Workers driving out of state trucks have been spotted in the Port LaBelle area, asking homeowners if they want a new driveway or seal, and putting down asphalt driveways without pulling a county building department permit.

The usual sales pitch is a very low price, usually too good to be true, and they can do it immediately since they were "in the neighborhood" and have extra materials from another job.

But, experts warn of three signs you are probably going to be scammed:

1. They show up at your door uninvited. They offer a low price to do it now. Licensed and reputable paving contractors don't do this.

2. They are not licensed in your county or state as paving contractors and the trucks outside either have no company name or phone number, or just a generic out of state company name like "Charlie Jones." The crew, likewise, will have out of state license plates on their vehicles.

3. There's no written contract. This is a sure sign something bad might be happening. A typical ploy is to low ball the price, then begin the job, and half way through explain there were some difficulties and the price has to be higher if you want it finished.

Be sure to check with your local code enforcement office or zoning department to see if a permit is required for new asphalt driveway work and check if these folks have a contractor's license to do work in your county or city. 

Check Google business reviews to see if they are even listed. Chances are they are not if they do not have a legitimate local business.

For more information about driveway scams and the importance of site preparation and proper compacting of asphalt surfaces see: Driveway Scam Alert

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