Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hendry Humane Society Shuts Down

"Temporary" Closing Of LaBelle Animal Shelter May Indicate Financial Problems

LABELLE, FL. -- The Caloosa Humane Society has announced the closing of it's animal shelter facility in LaBelle.

An announcement issued by the non-profit Society said in part, "The Board of Directors of the Caloosa Humane Society would like to announce some great changes coming for your local shelter for 2011!  We would like our supporters and future visitors to know we are temporarily closed to the public in order to make these changes.
"We are closed to the public due to restructuring of management and interior/exterior renovations. If you are interested in an animal at our shelter, you can contact one of our board members: Tricia Boone at 239-657-2306 or contact Doug Morgan at 863-637-0952 or 863-675-3381."

According to financial statements filed with the IRS, the shelter seems to have been spending more money than they take in over the years, due apparently to high staff and operating costs, while not enough public donations to cover costs. The non-profit organization shows a loss in the latest two IRS Form 990s on public record.

The LaBelle organization began 10 years ago, with a reported $1,000,000 endowment.

The Form 990 filed for 2008 showed a total revenue of $128,517 with expenses of $156,053 for a net loss of $27,536. In year 2009 the organization's filed statements showed $138,765 income and $148,623 for expenses, a net loss of $9,859.

For 2009, shown were 5 employees and 112 volunteers. The employees cost the Humane Society $72,093 compared to $67,233 the year before.

Hendry county has two other dog and cat animal shelters, both "no-kill shelters, one in Montura and one operating for many years in North LaBelle.


  1. Anonymous12:09 AM

    I really think that is very awful!! By this I mean how the Caloosa Humane Society Board went about this temporary closing of the shelter. I heard they went in one day and told all the employees that they no longer had a job and they were going to take over. If they are low on money for the shelter than how is it possible for them to close to the public and still expect donations. If I am going to donate anything to the shelter I also want to be able to go in and check out the animals and see what they may need help with. Matter of fact I just drove by the shelter today and seen that they have a POD storage container outside the facility...renting storage space and repairs to the building???? Where did that money come from that wasn't there to keep the HARD and dedicated workers that they had there. The director has been there since the very beginning and the board can not blame any of the money shortfalls on her....the econonmy has been on a downhill slide for a few years, (not to mention that Hendry County has been deemed the poorest county in Florida) I am glad to see they have been able to be there for the animals through the tough times for this long. I am also sad to see the one gentleman that was now working there that also got the volunteer of the year award be let go. He was always doing what he could for the well being of the animals. Like I said such a shame to be so unkind to a person and not give them sufficient notice that they may not have a job, kinda makes you wonder what kind of compassion these people may have for an animal if they can't show it for a fellow person.

  2. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Good post. I wish they would allow me to take it over, as I offered to take it over and MAKE IT SUCCESSFUL. Until they let someone who knows what they are doing in this type of will fail. Sad...the animals should be their first and foremost concern. And they are not.

  3. Anonymous7:58 PM

    And now they want to replace gates for over $400 a piece???? I understand that the gates were being repaired at no cost to them. I seen on WINK news and in the Caloosa Belle pictures of the gates that had not yet been repaired, conveniently they neglected to show pictures of the ones that had already been fixed and made safe for the animals. I heard the grand total for all the gates they want to purchase was $21,000.....that is absolutely ridiculous. Imagine what could be done for the animals with that kind of money other than purchasing gates when the existing ones can be repaired for ALOT less than that. Such a shame they have been closed for almost 2 months and they have hardly any dogs there cause the sisters can't do it ALL....funny thats why they took it over, they said they could do it and more......guess they are in over their heads and might as well close the doors cause they will never be happy and only cost the donation run facility to go broke. These girls are a little too pricy for a place that runs on donations, they only want the most expensive. Also seen a video they posted on a cat in a cage trying to get to the uppper what a joke that was, all you could hear was their BIG mouths on the video, how embarassing. Just hope the Caloosa Belle follows up with the gates cause they are hiding some facts on the condition. They also had them report that their was mold on the ceiling outside.....that is not mold and once again they have NO IDEA what they are doing there. God bless the animals that have to find forever homes, just hope they never end up there with them in charge.

  4. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Alexander DeStefano
    There's nothing worse than watching kittens and puppies grow up in a shelter. Do your part, become a hoarder.

    Yesterday at 12:13pm via Android

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    Douglas Morgan You know what, I've been thinking bout that.... hahaha.
    Yesterday at 12:16pm

    Alexander DeStefano
    Come adopt a freakin kitten
    June 28 at 5:51pm

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    Alexander DeStefano or adult cat. BOGO
    June 28 at 5:51pm

    Kelly Hahner Boone you are the best ED ever. Freakin Kitten, yo.
    June 28 at 6:12pm

    Alexander DeStefano Aww Kelly you're making me blush
    June 28 at 6:47pm

    Douglas Morgan I have a different strategy- adopt this cat or I will kill it!! HAHAHA... JOKING!!!!!
    June 28 at 7:40pm

    Tricia Sanders Boone Only you could get away with that Doug :) Alex, you adopted almost half of the total cat adoptions last year in a month!! Smile and like it!!
    June 28 at 8:29pm

    Is this the animal professionals our donations are paying for?? The humane society director
    BEGGING people to BECOME hoarders and the board president and animal control director threatening to KILL THEM??? and TWO fellow board member saying doug can get away with that and alex is the best ED ever!!!???
    these people need to be ashamed of themselves!
    the 3 board members need to resign!
    the rest of the board needs to get to work fixing this situation!
    the director should be fired!
    the community should take over this shelter!
    if this is truly how you four think about your positions and responsibilities to these animals, you should LEAVE THEM!!

  5. Anonymous2:47 PM

    The posts were made online on Facebook for all to see! I looked up Alexander and found it all there! This is for real!!
    I am sickened by these people and their distaste for their jobs and the animals!

  6. Anonymous1:17 AM

    WOW......I think there should be quite a few arses on the line after this. I guess we will all have to wait and see if the other board members just turn their heads on this one......I bet they will and that is the sad part. I can see 4 people that should be terminated from the facility immediately for that kind of talk, even if they had posted LOL or just kidding or joking with it. Again I bet the board does nothing.

  7. Anonymous7:48 AM

    I hear the humane society is helping raise money for an employee who lost everything in a fire ..... then I hear that the house that burned was really a rental they were moving out of and all their belongings were already OUT!! What kind of ruse is this!?!?! The humane society is duping the public again???? I hope everyone who wants to 'help' this empoyee gets the real scoop before 'helping' this person! ALL HER BELONGINGS WERE OUT OF THE RENTAL HOUSE BEFORE THE FIRE!!! She was already moving, sounds like maybe there should be an investigation into this 'accidental' fire and the person getting donations!
    Shame shame shame....:(

  8. This is all bull shit. if I may say so I worked hand in hand with. Alex and Kelly as well as Doug. and Trish . they closed that shelter at the right time and saved those animals the inside was gross. they have done so much u people need to shut the hell. up mind your biz leave them alone.