Monday, January 10, 2011

LaBelle's Morris Medical Center Complaint

Medical Center Owner Has Complaint Filed After Criminal Conviction

LABELLE, FL. -- LaBelle's recently opened Morris Medical Center on South Main Street is owned by Dareld Ray Morris II, D.O. and Kelly Morris.  Recent filings indicate Dr. Morris has had a complaint filed against him before the Board of Osteopathic Medicine by the Florida Department of Health.

The Department says Morris plead nolo contendere and was found guilty of leaving the scene of a vehicular crash and failed to notify the Board of the criminal offense as required by Florida law.

Morris has a criminal complaint history going back to 1982 when he was charged with misdemeanor assault in Texas. According to Florida Department of Health professional records, in 2005 he was charged with resisting an officer, failing to sign a summons, and reckless driving.

The LaBelle office is apparently part of the Doctor's main operation in Fort Myers on Cleveland Avenue. The Morris Medical Center advertises medical weight loss, anti-aging wellness, and pain management as part of their services, on it's website saying clients can lose "up to 5-10 pounds this week and up to 20 pounds this month."

DOH Complaint:

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