Friday, November 11, 2011

"Free" Round-trip Airfare/Cruise Birthday Scam

Mailings From Florida Promises "Gifts" of Airfare, Computers, and Cruises

LABELLE, FL. -- A Florida telemarketing company is attempting to lure consumers with "gifts" of computers, free cruises and air travel to call 1-877-547-7302 so as to sign up the unwary for a 90-minute vacation sales presentation.

Thousands of mailings are made to households offering an "8 - Day/7 - Night Cruise for 2 with an outside cabin, leaving from any major port in the U.S." Additionally a "bonus gift" is offered of "2 round-trip airfares."

On the back of the letter it says the "certificate is valid for two aboard Carnival Cruise Lines for eight days, but the disclaimer says "certain travel dates apply" and "some restrictions apply" and noting the recipient pays for "port charges, deposits, government taxes, custom fees and agency fees."

That seems to be the catch, according to those who have tried to cash in on the telemarketing offer. The "fees" assessed by the company amount to as much as one would pay for the cruise in any standard direct booking. And one has to endure a high pitch sales presentation as well.

Note the company does not actually use the word "free" anywhere on the solicitation letter, only using the word "gift" many times, and the phone number to call to "find out how to claim this special gift."

The company behind it seems to be out of Illinois and uses the same 877-547-7302 phone number for all of it's letters. On the face of the mailing, a U.S. Postage Paid permit from Tampa, Fl, permit #78.

Although there is not any person's or business name or address on the mailing, the company reportedly operates out of a "rent an office" space at 22 West Washington Street, Suite 1500, Chicago, Il. 60602. Office phones are (312) 854-8000.

Sub-contracted Florida telemarketing offices are apparently used to pitch the vacation sales offers when customers call. When asked, the telemarketing company will not clearly reveal who they work for.

The telemarketing offer is varied, many letters say "Congratulations, you were verified and as a result of this offer your name and ticketing number have been issued!" In the same mailing is a "Bonus Gift" of 2 round-trip airfares "leaving from or going to any major airport in the continental U.S."

The face of the envelope may say "FINAL NOTICE" and "Verification of Reservation Information Required" or "Happy Birthday."

Other consumers report receiving offers from the unnamed company promising free computers and airline tickets. Some report letters that include other popular brand names like Expedia, Marriott, Walmart, Costco, Target, Kroger, Giant Eagle, US Airways, and others.

The key to which "gift" is being offered is the tracking number or "offer" number at the bottom. Callers to the toll free number are asked the offer number. The "gift" cruise and airfare ticket offer may be offer #17NP1107SA.

Some offers come as a "Happy Birthday" letter. Other recipients say while not printed as the Happy Birthday offer, they coincidentally arrive in the mail around the time of a family birthday. The company may be using a mailing list that includes customer birthday dates.

The offer also apparently is valid only for couples, although the mailing doesn't clearly indicate it. The couples must attend a sales presentation where they will be offered various expensive vacation packages. Once purchased, there's no backing out or money back guarantees.


  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Just got one in Indy, IN. Called them. Got the same pitch. When I looked on the internet for the company supposedly here in Indy, no such agency. When I called back to the number listed on the mailing, I got a very rude man that wouldn't give me anything but a hard time. I explained that I was trying to check the company out before I made an appointment and the guy said "What do you want me to do about it?" When I stated that he had said the company had been here for 21 years, I was told that I was putting words in his mouth and being rude. After all is aid and done, Stay away from this offer is I can say!!!

  2. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Thanks for posting this -- I got the letter too and was suspicious. I'm in IL -- looks like the latest address for the company is Tinley Park IL. Mine had the Carnival cruise line logo on it to imply the offer was from Carnival. Shame on them.

  3. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Received the Happy Birthday flavor of this scam here in Pittsburgh. All the other details are the same.

  4. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Heh, we got the same thing here in Pittsburgh. Figured it was a scam but thanks for clarifying it, that must have taken quite a bit of research!

  5. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Received same "Happy Birthday" gift here in Orland Park on 1/4/12. It's now in the trash. Thanks all for the heads-up. HNE!

  6. Anonymous11:16 PM

    1-4-12 Indy .I just got a mailing that offered the 8 day cruise and airline tickets. Thanks for the heads up

  7. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Got the happy birthday offer of a cruise also looking like it came from Carnival. I wonder if Carnival is aware of this.

  8. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Got the Happy bday one in Miami!! With a Carnival Logo on it!!!

  9. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Got same crap mailing in Vegas, OFFER# 17L0111B. Sorry, already got a legitimate cruise booked anyway.

  10. Just got one too. I made sure to google it before doing anything with it. Thanks so much for your post! I appreciate people taking that extra step to ensure no one get scammed! :)

  11. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Just got the same thing in Indy. Carnival logo, offer #17IN0116C.

  12. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Got one for my birthday in Pittsburgh. Carnival logo, offer #17PA0203EE. Thought at first it was an attempt to build business after the cruise ship disaster in Italy. Glad I looked into it first.

  13. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Just received this offer in Michigan. Its exactly as described above. My sister went to this high pressure sales meeting and claims to have walked away with these "gifts". Since then, all the members in the family are getting these mailings and phone calls. Apparently, they ask people to give them referrals. Thanks sis!

  14. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Got mine in Florida today! Not even going to bother!

  15. Bob in Colorado9:22 PM

    I got mine today; 3 days after my birthday. In checking this out, I found some people said the Cruise and Airfare offers could not be used at the same time. Offer # 17DN0206FF. When will people realize there is no free lunch. Thanks for the heads-up Mr. Browne.

  16. Anonymous11:14 AM

    I got the "birthday" mailer today. I attended a similar presentation a few years ago by a company that was a BBB member (at the time) so I thought I could trust them. First thing, they make my wife sign a statement that the company was not responsible for the bonuses. Got a voucher for airfare, stated that the would not guarantee dates or destinations, restrictions of time, send in a copy of driver's license and additional fees, etc. I tried the first step, sending $30 I think, and was able to get my money back after filing complaints with several agencies. Every step goes to a different out-of-state company. The BBB member was later kicked out of the BBB and apparently is out of business. BEWARE!!!!

  17. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Got one today that was for a Touchpad tablet complete with Android software.

  18. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Got one today about free Carnival cruise and airfare. In a confirmation email, this is the line that concerns me. "Travel incentive recipients will be responsible for taxes and service fees." and then the whole travel restrictions dates which you don't know until trying to book.

    We aren't wasting our time for the presentation.

  19. Anonymous2:19 AM

    Thanks for the heads up - received ours here in Nashville today - 3/29/12 - with Carnival trademark and bonus offer of airfare. Offer #17TN0323MM and Tracking #17TN0323MM. Happy Birthday for my husband! Will take to BBB and state attorney general, as I feel this is totally bogus. "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" - PS - guess I would have had a better chance with the hube lottery winnings, if I had actually gone out and bought a ticket. ha ha But oh, so true! It did say on the back of the airfare offer "Approx. retail value of $1200, no purchase necessary." For whatever that means.

  20. Looks like the code contains where it was sent. Just got mine (Carnival Cruises - yeah sure). The letters after the 17 are OC - I'm in Orange County FL. We have a TN in Tennessee, a DN in Colorado, an NP in Florida (New Port Ritchey?), a PA in Pennsylvania - and so it goes. Not sure about the Vegas one, unless anonymous left out the V, making it LV :)

  21. Anonymous8:04 PM

    I just got the Happy Birthday one today (April 2, 2012). ". . . selected to receive an 8 Day/7 Night Cruise for 2 . . . selected to receive as a bonus, 2 round trip airfares . . ." I live in OC California. Not going to call based on what I am reading.

  22. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I just got the 8 day/7 night cruise with bonus 2 round-trip airfares (April 9, 2012). Live in NE Florida but figured it was a scam.

  23. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I just received "Congratulations Pack your Bags"
    in Melbourne, Fl went on line, now I know it BS, it looks real official. US Postage paid Tampa,Fl
    Permit #78. I can't believe Southwest Airway would let this go on so long, it sure isn't helping them.

  24. Anonymous2:48 PM

    4/23/12. Thanks for posting. Just got one in Ohio today. I was curious what the catch was. "Gift" has been replaced with "receive*" with the same disclaimer. No company information other than the phone number. If only people believed in following the 10 commandments and would not bear false witness.

  25. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I live in Indiana and this is the 2nd one that I have received. The 1st was back about 6 months ago and I believe it was for $1,200 in free airfare, but realized when I looked closely that the airline with the free airfare was misspelled wrong and that the airline was no longer in service and had been sold/merged with another airline.

    The one I received today is for the carnival cruise and free airfare on this one and they do show a disclaimer for carnival not being affiliated. lol

    Love the internet, since it puts the word out to avoid this scam. This like most of my junk mail I receive everyday goes in my trash.

  26. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Just got one outside of Pittsburgh, thanks for the heads up! Im sure Carnival wouldnt appriciate the logo being used on this scam.

  27. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Received one in Tn this week also. Have the one for an 8 day Carnival cruise with the 2 bonus round trip airfares. Thanks for alerting people to this scam.

  28. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Rcvd one in SC today same Birthday scam, cruise and airfare for two. If you all have a facebook account, I think this is where it is coming from.

  29. Companies use mailing lists with birthdays obtained from state driver's license records. States sell their lists of licensed drivers to outfits who sell them to marketers.

  30. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Got one today. they can take the free gift and go fly a kite!

  31. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Got one today for the cruise, and it also had the Carnival logo. I appreciate you taking the time to do the research. It sure saved us a lot of headache.

  32. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Can't these people get real honest jobs like the rest of us.

  33. Anonymous3:37 AM

    I just received my 2 round trip airfares. lol
    I understand the whole "nothing is free" saying but cant a girl dream:) lol thanks for the heads up. I wonder how many people actually fall for that?!!?

  34. Anonymous1:32 AM

    mine was for a sylvania touchpad with new android software,5.22.2012

  35. Anonymous2:27 PM

    just got ours here in southern California. Knew it had to be too good to be true! 6.8.2012

  36. Anonymous4:54 PM

    I called the 312 number and was assured that they were not part of the scheme but I have my doubts.

    I then called the 877 number. Many years ago I was involved in telemarketing and it is often a liars business. I tried to warn the fellow on the other end that Revelation 21:8 states that " all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and [fn]brimstone, which is the second death."

    He must really want to go to hell as he hung up on me.

  37. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Yep Got one too. Happy b-day /Carnival letter With airfare 1-888-609-6787 was contact number. I think John Whitlock is right about the varible OFFER# mine has AA in it and I am located near Ann Arbor Michigan.

  38. thanks so much for posting this. received my "gift" offer (same phone number you mentioned) in the mail today and googled in hopes of finding this very information. greatly appreciate!

  39. Just adding my name to the list of people that have received this junk. It seems that SE Michigan is new target area, as I am also near Ann Arbor and have the AA code. Same phone number 1.888.609.6787.

  40. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Same garbage in my mail today, this one with the offer # 17LV0612A indicating it was sent from a Las Vegas location on 06/12/12. Same bogus scam crap on the inside, right down to the verbiage mentioned at the start of this article. Buyers beware! This is a scam, no 2 ways about it.

  41. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Just received ours in Downtown Bethpage, Tn. Same garbage! Tracking Number 17TN0618B, Carnival Cruise indicator with airlines!! Thanks so much for the Heads Up!

  42. Anonymous11:22 PM


  43. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Yep, 8 day 7 nights cruise and if you act within 48 hours 2 free round trip airfares. Toll free 1-855-325-3864 if you want my complementary trip...hahaha...good luck. Remember, there is no free lunch!

  44. received a "Carnival" free cruise yesterday. Just looking at the paper it was made on made me suspicious! I agree with the person who said the offer # carrries info about which state you reside in, also appears to have initials at end that could represent our names. Went to snopes to check it out but found nothing. Glad I found this site. The phone number matches the one listed in the article. Anyway, I never would have fallen for this scam, but my husband is more trusting then I am! Now I can prove to him it is a scam! By the way, shame on the government for selling our personal information!!!!

  45. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Received the same birthday mailing today. What was it P.T Barnum said...

  46. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Got ours in Indiana today. "Happy Birthday" ... Gee. Thanks. And I thought I wouldn't get a card this year. j/k. And like many others, they seemed to have gotten wise and traded 'free' and 'gift' to maybe something more legal they can get away with by using "you have been selected to receive" like they did in mine. Sad that there's still plenty that will fall for this scam.

  47. Anonymous8:22 PM

    I just received the Happy birthday cruise and free flight for 2 offers in Houston. Like the old saying goes if it sounds too good to be true ...

  48. Anonymous10:36 PM

    We got a "Happy Birthday" one in the mail yesterday (7/9/12) for a Carnival cruise and airfare. Just so happens my husband's birthday is in July. We're in Michigan not far from Ann Arbor and the offer # is 17AA0706DD. Coincidence, probably not. Phone number to call within 48 hours is 877-547-7302. Don't think so!!

  49. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Just received (7/12/2012) a "In Celebration of our Grand opening..." invitation for the cruise. It has the 855-325-3864 phone.

    Thank you for these postings. They're very helpful!

  50. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Just received suspicious "Congratulations" today 07/16/2012 for a cruise and bonus airfare offer.
    Phone is 877-547-7302. No plans to follow up here in NC.

  51. Anonymous4:41 PM

    A fun thing to do is to actually call them--use Skype (which has free 1-800 dialing) so they don't have your real phone number.

    I called and did my best "Borat" impression. I let them go through the spiel and at the end of it they schedule a time for you to go to a sales pitch and pick up your "prize."

    I scheduled it with every intention of not showing up.

    If everyone does this, you keep them busy, filling slots and generally just waste their time.

  52. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Just got mine in Iowa today, 7/17/12. Happy Birthday you can claim an 8 day 7 night cruise on Carnival Cruises plus "bonus" two round trip airfares.

  53. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Just got one today (7.17.12.), and instead of Carnival it was the Royal Caribbean. It said it was for their "grand opening" in our area. The number to call was 1-855-325-3864. I was so excited at first but then I told myself to do a little research first.

  54. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Received the mailing today 7.21/12. Called, the number on the mailing, 877-547-7302. The lady who answered said she worked for East Coast Travel out of Cary NC and had a great offer for me. After listening to the "great" pitch the lady wanted me to sign up for the "open house" right away to receive my tickets. I told her I couldn't because I didn't know when my husband could attend. She got angry and said "there are not many of these offers out there, you have to sign up know to attend or you will loose your place". I told her I still would not sign up. Then I asked are you in Cary, NC? She paused, then said, "I'm not, but the company is". I went on line and looked for the Company she had referenced as paying for this trip. East Coast Travel. I could not find it anywhere. I am going to send this into to the BBB and the NC States Attorneys office. We all should do this in our respective states. I keep thinking of people who don't know any better and get themselves in financial trouble. If only they would think of good things to do for people instead of trying to scam them!

  55. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Similar thing happened to me today. In Iowa. Offer 17DM0716F. Phone 1-877-547-7302. Says they are working for Scenic Valley Travel out of Des Moines but I was unable to find anything for Scenic Valley. What a scam.

  56. I got one too. Code JC8482. Suspected it was a scam. They also called and left a message on my cell phone. Attorney General's office shoudl have the ability to terminate the business and arrest the individuals.

  57. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Got one today (08/06/12). The same permit#78 and phone number 877-547-7302. I am from North Carolina. My offer # is 17NC0801H. Thanks for the heads up.

  58. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I received the "happy Birthday" letter in Ohio...the month after my birthday.I called figuring it was to good to be true, but I wanted to see what it was all about.
    The man stated that there was no obligation to make any purchase or join anything at all. That all they ask is that I spread the word to friends & family about the travel agency. About my great all around experience, how easy it was to plan my trip through the agency & how much I enjoyed the cruise.
    He than began asking me a few innocent questions. He asked if I was single, in a certain(very wide)age range and if I made at least $40,000 a year.....Well apparently that was the key! I was told that I must make a minimum of $40,000 a year to be eligible for the offer. What crap! The letter never made mention of that either...I don't see what that has to do with my ability to spread word of mouth,and just because I may or may not make $40,000 a year does not mean I can't use a travel agency.
    Oh well looks like when I take the cruise I'm planning anyway I wont use their agency!

  59. Anonymous2:45 PM

    8/10/12 Received my birthday celebration "8 Day/7 Night Cruise for 2 with an outside cabin, leaving from any major port in the U.S." Plus a "bonus, 2 round trip airfares leaving from or going to any major airport in the continental U.S." OFFER#:17NB0801HH

    I'm using it to show my teens how to do a minute of internet research to verify a scam in the mail.

  60. Anonymous7:14 PM

    We live in Iowa and just received ours today - the Carnival cruise. Immediately performed a Google search on the phone number and found this website. We are always suspicious of free lunches. Thank you for posting this site and confirming our suspicions.

  61. Anonymous12:01 PM

    8/14/12 Received my birthday celebration "8 Day/7 Night Cruise for 2. I hate it that they are able to know when my birthday is. I knew it was a scam, but I just called them for fun. The women sounded very firm and was in complete control of the conversation. But she didn't even say who she was and what company she was representing. She asked for the offer number. I told her that I got it from a friend and gave her a fake number. She said sorry it is wrong offer number and I said ok, my friend gave me the wrong number or I am calling the wrong phone number. If these people were legitimate they would have asked me to call back with correct information, but this woman didn't want to let me go. She asked me to hold and then i quietly hung up. Then within a few mins I got a call from 386-663-3927. I didnt answer this call. Stay away from these thieves. Or even better call them and give the phone to your toddler or dog.

  62. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Got mine on 8/27/2012 in CA. It is my birthday in a couple of weeks, and the Carnival logo looks legit, so glad I googled it before calling. My offer code is 17WL0824LL and it came with a bonus certificate of $1500 guaranteed grocery savings and $1500 in guaranteed dining savings if I called within 48 hours. This is in addition to the cruise and airline tickets. Must be getting desperate for suckers.

  63. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I don't remember getting the 1st notice, how could this be the final notice?? LOL These Fucktards try everything to get your money!

  64. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I'm surprised this is still going on, with the same phone number used, after all these years. We got ours 9-15-12. In searching the internet, seems like this company has been using this same tactic for several years now.

  65. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Received one exactly as mentioned above 9/18/12 in Fort Myers. I'm sending it back to them at the address mentioned above with my own "nice" letter :)

  66. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Just got the same one in Denver, Colorado. It's definitely spreading. I'm always wary about these "too good to be true" offers and this one was no different. Just curious if anyone else had gotten one and glad I checked...what a scam! Thanks for the detailed info, I'll look into reporting it. Thanks!

  67. Anonymous9:05 PM

    I live in MN and received mine a week ago. It is done well, and looks so "official". But there is always that voice that reminds you, no one will send you a free cruise, ever! So in the trash it went.

  68. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Just received the congrats letter in Santa Barbara, CA. With it was a flyer for a savings certificate bonus offer if you call witin 48 hours. My husband opened the letter because the outside said final notice. Thanks to the internet I looked up the number and found this blog first, in the trash goes the letter.

  69. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Still in business as of Oct 5, 2012. Same FINAL NOTICE Carnival Cruise offer. It's a vacation club scam. Stay away.

  70. Anonymous1:39 PM

    We are in Cleveland, Ohio and just received the Birthday Offer/Carnival cruise and airfare. As they always say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We went to the website the gal gave us and found it is some Canadian company that doesn't offer any travel from the US. When we confronted her with this, she acted shocked! ha! Don't waste your time with this one.

  71. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Got the happy birthday one offering a cruise and air and other gifts. Threw it away. Thanks for posting this.

  72. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Got my "CONGRATULATIONS" notice in the mail just yesterday (10/15/2012) so they are still sending these out. These notices have no return address, I might add. Anyway, I have been selected to receive an 8 day/7 night cruise for 2 w/ outside cabin leaving from any major port in the U.S. I was also selected to receive 2 round trip airfares leaving from or going to any major airport in the continental U.S. I asked myself: "Was I born yesterday?" Since I knew that I wasn't, I "googled" the toll-free number: 1-877-547-7302. This website was the 3rd on the list. SCAM through and through based on what I've read here. Offer #: 17AK... and yes, I'm in Alaska (AK). Kudo's to the person who added that the "agency fees" referred to in the fine print of this notice end up being as much or more than just buying the cruise directly from the cruise line company. These scams cast a wide net over the entire country and as a result, people are becoming more educated and less naive about these kinds of "offers." The fact that we still get them leads me to believe that despite growing "headwinds" faced by boiler room businesses, they are still managing to make money by scamming enough honest, but gullible, folks who still call with an expectation of getting a free, or nearly free ocean cruise. A big thank-you to folks who, knowing this, still pick up the phone and give the telemarketers a piece of their mind. Take the high road, remain direct and professional, and give them the guilt trip. LASTLY, THANK-YOU to the operator of this website for giving us folks a great way to spread the word to those who always are hopeful of winning something, but have realistic expectations that something too good to be true is probably a scam to get your MONEY!!

  73. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Just got mine. Dang. And I was soooo in need of a free vacation too. :) Alaska must be getting hit now as my number starts with "12AK" and I live in Alaska. I like the previous posters idea above of setting up the sales pitch appointment, and than not showing. But I don't even want to give them that much time. . .

  74. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Thank you KQ4YM and all others who post their comments. I received a 'congratulations' postcard here in Greenville, SC. Usually I throw these offers away since I expect a timeshare or land sale. However, this one said "no timeshare, landsale", so that's why I looked further and googled the phone number. I guess the only thing that is 'free' is the toll free number (is it?!?). So I won't even call them and try to give them a hard time. Thanks again to all who share their experiences!! Always appreciated :-)

  75. Anonymous12:15 AM

    My offer was in a postcard with offer code 11NC1107Z. Otherwise, it looks like the same shaky deal. I was not going to respond anyway but appreciate the information in this web site.

  76. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Hello, Thanks for posting!! We almost fell for it. We are in SC They are calling themselves Pay Less Vacations. They are set up for meetings at Windgate Hotel 33 Beacon Drive Greenville SC 29615
    another number they gave us to call was...
    877-313-3326 ask for(Jillion)
    Again thanks for saving our time!! : )

  77. Thanks for this website ... we knew that 'nothing in life is free' and 'there's a sucker born every minute' ... got a postcard mentioning, Target, and WalMart ... that they have been trying to contact us ... and it states it's not a timeshare nor land sale.

    We're always skeptical when we WIN something unsolicited.

    Thanks again for the heads up on the 877 number.

  78. Anonymous12:38 PM

    (November 25, 2012) Howdy from Killeen, Texas!
    We received a postcard just yesterday Offer Code: 14AT1120B. $1000.00 in savings for Wal-Mart and Target and 2 tickets with 3 days and 2 nights at any Marriott in the Continental US. I work for the police departments so I called and asked several questions and I told the guy (Bruce @ 877-547-7302 Direct 877-313-3326 "Capital Travel") that if it is a SCAM I would spread the word throughout our city here. Thank you all for the information you've provided. We were very skeptical and now we know for sure. Keep spreading the word!

  79. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Thanks for this.

    It's January 2014 and little has changed. I found this page by typing in "Tampa Permit #78." Go USPS!

    I received the letter (Personal and Confidential) in San Diego, CA.
    The letterhead says "FLY US AIRLINES" and below that are the names USAir, Southwest, Jet Blue. The offer is for two round trip airline tickets + 2 nights at Marriott Hotel.
    It is signed by Elise Warren, Guest Services Manager -- for a company that apparently does not wish to be known.
    Code: 2DS1231C
    I will be recycling the letter.

  80. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Feb 2014 updates: They're now targeting folks in CA. Postage permit #1297, Sacramento, CA. Congratulations! Our promotional department has authorized us to award you a Carnival Cruise Lines Cruise for 8 days and 7 nights!!!By responsing within 72 hours you will also receive Roundtrip Airfare for 2 Adults. Call Toll Free 855-770-6893.
    This is not the first time I received such promotional offer that is too good to be true. Hmmm let me see if I can test my brand new cross cut shredder.

  81. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Mar 2014... yep, just got the Congratulations! Our promotional department has authorized us to award you a Carnival Cruise Lines Cruise for 8 days and 7 nights! here in San Diego. 855-770-6893. Thanks everybody for posting about the scam!

    1. Anonymous9:09 PM

      March 2014... same here in San Diego. Exact same wording and phone number 855-770-6893. This solicitation asks you to reference check number 6768 when calling that number. My shredder loved it!!

  82. Anonymous7:16 PM

    I got one similar out of sacrament CA. phone #855 735 6606
    are these people that desperate?

  83. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Got the same "AWARD" in Michigan - 3/26/14. Ph.# 855-735-6606. I knew in my heart that it was a joke, but had to research it anyway. I've been to two sales pitches in the distant past. In a word - BRUTAL. Luckily, I resisted the sale and walked out with my modest gift. Stay far, far away from this SCAM. Thanks to this website and all of you responders.

  84. I just received my "Gift" from Infinity Travel and Carnival. thankfully, I went to Google and found the above information. I am in Oregon and it is March 30, 2014. My first clue that it is a scam was that there is no web site location on the letter. Now days, everyone with a business has a web site. Too bad Carnival can't do something about this.

  85. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Got my Fly a US Airline notice in todays mail June 9, 2014
    Business Bulk mail Permit #78 Tampa Florida
    Its a *SCAM* I know
    signed by Lisa Jackson
    so called Guest services Manager.. @855-723-2978
    Wonder how many SCAM letters they send out per month..
    Guess I will refer this to Postal Inspection..
    I am supposed to Call by June 24, 2014.
    Going to call to and tell them I work for the worst agency in the US Govt.
    The one whose initials scare the be jesus out of most folk.. and ask them do they want an appointment. Going to be a good day when they found out they sent 1 too many letters.. this time..

    1. Anonymous2:30 PM

      thank you this is very helpful...

  86. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Personal and Confidential - 'Gift' of 2 round-trip tickets and 2 nights at Marriott Hotel. Phone number is 855 723 2978. Offer number is 2TY0616L.

  87. Anonymous8:33 PM

    I too got my Fly a US Airline notice in the mail on June 21, 2014
    Business Bulk mail Permit #78 Tampa Florida signed by Lisa Jackson
    so called Guest services Manager @855-723-2978. No company name is identified.

    I want to know how these scum bags got my name and address? I am one of the many victims of the Target computer security breach...... Is anyone else?

  88. Anonymous2:16 PM


  89. Anonymous6:17 PM

    September 4, 2014 and the scam is still going strong. Got one of there letters in the mail today. No return address on envelope, but fine print on back says from Grand Discovery 100 Allawood Court Simpsonville, South Carolina 29681. It is a 4 night Carnival Cruise for 4 to the Bahamas. Call immediately and receive 4 round trip airline tickets leaving from Charlotte, NC. (855) 796-8840. The letter was signed by "unreadable scribble", with no readable typed name, Vice President, Regional Awards Division. The only thing i can offer is stay away from these crooks

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