Friday, November 11, 2011

Hendry's Susan Kennedy Arrested For 16th Time

Habitual Lawbreaker - 16th Arrest In 9 Years

LABELLE, FL. -- Susan Lynn Kennedy, aka Susan K. Denning, "celebrated" her 16th arrest in nine years this week after being arrested for violating driver's license restrictions.

Kennedy was arrested on November 8th, the first time in 2011, but was booked into jail five times in 2010, for charges including possession of drugs and violation of probation.

Law breaking seems to run in the family as Kennedy's son Bryan Boyle, recently chalked up his 22nd Hendry county arrest.

Kennedy, the former wife of the City of LaBelle's Michael Boyle, has been arrested primarily on driving related charges of driving without a license or on a suspended license, and has had at least one drug related arrest and violations of probation.

She lives with her mother and son at 4502 Springview Circle in Port LaBelle, Florida.

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