Friday, November 11, 2011

Hendry's Banyon Village's Only House Vandalized

Remote Hendry County Port LaBelle Subdivision Targeted By Criminals

LABELLE, FL. -- One of Hendry county's largest and most remote subdivisions has been the target of lawbreakers for years.

Composed of thousands of vacant lots, until one house was built in 2009, the area is a favorite of hunters and ATV enthusiasts, and now burglars and thieves.

The only house within miles, a neat and well kept structure on Raleigh Drive, has been the target of thieves for some months. Appliances have been repeatedly stolen, and this week the door was broken down and vandals again entered and damaged the home again, tearing out the burglar alarm and damaging air conditioning equipment.

The new house, built during the real estate boom years,  has been unoccupied, owned by an elderly women from New York.

Hendry county deputies have kept up a presence in the remote area over the years, warning hunters, Hispanic palm berry pickers, palm frond harvesters,  and drivers of ATVs that the area cannot be used for such activities. Signs have also been posted at the entrance to prohibit off road vehicles from driving on the greenbelts and roads around the community.

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