Friday, November 04, 2011

How To Find Google's Hidden Tricks - Flight Sim & 3D

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Google's Hidden 3D Street Maps,  Flight Sim, & Other Fun Stuff

Google has hidden "Easter Eggs," secret features, that when certain keys are enabled, show undocumented features, hidden throughout it's product lines including YouTube and Google search pages.

Above is Google's Street View of the LaBelle, Florida Courthouse. When you right click on the picture and click "3D mode on," you can see the corner of Bridge Street and State Road 80 in anaglyph 3-D (with standard red/cyan 3D glasses.)

You can adjust the viewpoint of the above picture panning 360 degrees, as well as zooming using the controls, or directly with your mouse on the photo. (Street View is found on Google Maps by dragging the little yellow man icon on the left side of the map to any street.)

To play a "Snake Game" on YouTube videos, depress the up and left arrows simultaneously on any video from April 2010 or later. You'll see a group of dots run leftward across the screen, and then a few seconds later, a flashing dot.

The object of the snake game is to make the snake grow longer by moving it around with your arrow keys before the snake runs off the screen, while tring to run over the single flashing dot displayed.

Each time you run through the flashing dot your "snake" grows longer. The game will also work if the video is paused. (You can only move forward, and turn right or left, so don't try to reverse the snake.)

Here's a cool one for Google search. Type in "do a barrel roll" into Google Search and hit return, and see what happens. Trust me. If you use a Chrome and some other browsers you can type "do a barrel roll" into the address box.

Another one for search. Type in "tilt" into a google search (using browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Android.)

Want to have your Google Search page in another language like Elmer Fudd, Pig Latin, Klingon? Try these:

In Google Earth tap Ctrl+Alt+A  keys to play with a built in Flight Simulator game.

More Google hoaxes and fun stuff:'s_hoaxes

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