Sunday, December 20, 2015

Santa Wins - Bill Neville

Commentary by T.W. Bill Neville

Memories of "Back Then" Christmases are flooding to the surface as the day of "reckoning" approaches. Over the span of at least 84 of my 87 years, several stand out.

I think number one was in 1933, when I was five years old, living on the west side of Logansport, Indiana. I was getting to be a "smart alec" by then, having run with some older kids, who were saying that there was no Santa, just our parents, playing Santa.

I had shared this with my younger brother and when Mom got wind of it, I was cautioned to quit telling my brother that there was no "Santa", because there was one. For those that believed.

I remember as Christmas eve approached that Mom said, If things worked out and Dad didn't have to work, we were going to a Christmas play and treats at our Parish meeting center.

Christmas Eve came, Dad didn't have to work and we were treated to the promised play and treats, arriving home late enough that we went straight to bed.

As soon as it was daylight we were out and into the living room where our stockings were hung, and bulging with our "annual" California Navel orange, candy canes, and Juicy Fruit chewing gum.

Partially hidden behind the tree, was the greatest surprise of our young lives, a full scale Lionel Western Flyer electric train, on track, with houses, crossing gates, the "works!"

My Mother came into the room and said, "See I told you there was a Santa for all that believed!" I remember that moment clearly as I couldn't possibly doubt that there was a Santa, and it couldn't have been our parents because we were all together, all evening, with no chance to assemble and set up the train set.

I also remember that I was the engineer and in my excitement passed a little gas, and said to my brother "Did you hear me whistle for that crossing?" My brother, who still lisped a little, quickly responded "NO--but I melled the MOKE!!" Years later, I learned that the neighborhood "Samaritan", Mrs Frye, with an "e", had done the "Santa" deed while we were at the church play.

SO MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL-----and----TO "ALL" a GOOD NIGHT!--and--I "NEVER" forgot THERE "REALLY" is a SANTA---For THOSE who BELIEVE! HOW about YOU?

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  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Thank you for sharing this. Enjoyed it so much! Please tell Mr. Neville we appreciate his gift of writing. And I wish both you and him a wonderful, relaxing Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!