Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Bricole Seigler Reincke Arrested On Nitrous Oxide Charge

CLEWISTON, FL. -- On Sunday, March 1, at approximately 6:00am, Deputy Sheriff R. Bone conducted a traffic stop on a truck traveling approximately 32 MPH in a 60 MPH zone, impeding traffic on ST RD 80 in the area of Pioneer Plantation.

Traffic was unable to get around the vehicle as they were in a no passing area of the roadway. The deputy stopped the vehicle to check on the well being of the driver. The driver later identified as 38 year old Bricole Ida Seigler Reincke from Davie, Florida, appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance, as she was unable to keep her eyes open, and laughing.

While speaking with Reincke, deputies saw in plain view a red in color nitrous oxide (NO2) cartridge lying on the center console. It was determined, while speaking with Reincke, that she had used the NO2 recently while driving. When Reincke stepped out of the vehicle deputies did notice an open box containing red in color unused 9 gram nitrous oxide cartridges and one used one in the seat. Deputies also found two small clear bags containing a white powdery substance, later identified as cocaine. Deputies also located 90 unused cartridges of NO2, more small bags containing a white powdered substance and a large amount of money.

Reincke was placed under arrest and transported to the Hendry County Jail on charges of Inhalation, Ingestion, Possession of Harmful Chemical, more than 16 grams of Nitrous Oxide and Possession of a Controlled Substance Without a Prescription

While at the jail, Reincke was discovered to have brought into the detention facility two small bags; one containing a white powdery substance, like those found earlier, which also tested positive for cocaine and another small bag containing what later was identified as bath salts.

Reincke was arrested on an additional charge of Smuggling Contraband into a County Jail.

Reincke was released on March 2, 2020 on a $23,500.00 bond.

-from Hendry County Sheriff press release

Source of photo and above alleged information: Hendry County Sheriff press release and website, March 3, 2020. Persons are assumed innocent of all allegations unless proven guilty.

UPDATE: According the Hendry County Clerk's court website, Reincke, represented by LaBelle attorney Fred Kahle, was assessed $1,728.43. The most recent payment was made April 16, 2021 with a balance of $.01.  

Adjudication was withheld on four charges by Circuit Judge James D. Sloan on November 16. 2020. Two charges were dropped by the State Attorney and not prosecuted.

A "Withhold of Adjudication" is a special sentence in which the judge orders probation but does not formally convict the defendant of a criminal offense. Florida Statute 948.01 vests Florida judges with the authority to withhold adjudication after the judge imposes a probation sentence.

She was given probation for 2 years on three charges of Florida Statutes.


And one year probation on the charge of:


Probation began November 16, 2020. 

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