Sunday, July 17, 2011

Casey Anthony Leaves Jail With $537.68 - What Next?

Will Released Anthony Stay In Florida Or Did She Fly To Ohio?

Casey Anthony left Orlando's Orange county jail Sunday morning accompanied by attorney Jose Baez at 12:14 a.m.

Wearing a pink shirt, hair in a bun, the 25-year old served three years of jail confinement, mostly in "protective custody" away from the general jail population, leaving for the last time in an SUV mystery ride to one of her attorney's offices, the destination from there is up for speculation, although some say a 10-minute drive to Orlando Executive Airport was next. 

She left jail with $537.68 in her pocket from her jail account, and made a 15-second walk out of the front-door main jail exit, accompanied by Kevlar-clad Orange County special response team deputies, to a waiting dark-colored SUV.

Her only apparent words spoken during her release were "Thank you" to the assault-weapon carrying deputy escorting her out the door.

Three journalists were allowed inside the jail at 10 p.m. Saturday night and waited for the release. Three scenarios were given to the reporters in case of any problems in the release from jail. They were instructed to film or photograph but were not allowed to ask her anything or speak to her.

The SUV transporting Casey, along with a bevy of escort police vehicles, as one theory has it, reportedly ended up in a covered parking garage at co-defense attorney Cheney Mason's office. Another speculation is Casey then was taken on a 10-minute drive to board a private jet bound for Columbus, Ohio.

Anthony was free at last after an acquittal on murder charges after having served her four-year misdemeanor sentence, minus one year for good behavior and time served, on four guilty sentences for lying to police. She has a prior felony record for stealing and bad check charges.

The question everyone is asking now is "Where is Casey?" and what will she do next.

Police activity was seen early Sunday morning at the Orlando Executive Airport, about ten minutes from her attorney's office, as someone looking like Casey boarded a private jet bound for Ohio. Anthony's parents, George and Cindy lived in Ohio before moving to Florida. And George's sister and brother-in-law live in the Youngstown, Ohio area.

A woman appearing to look like Casey, but now with long hair in a pony tail and wearing a short dress, was photographed running across the Orlando Executive Airport parking lot to a nearby building. If it were Casey, she would have let her down from the bun, and changed from the jeans and pink top she wore at the jail.

A private twin-jet Lear 45 aircraft owned by a Naples, Florida company, departed from Orlando Executive Airport at 1:04 a.m. Sunday morning arriving in Columbus, Ohio at 2:51 a.m.  The 12-seat jet, operated in the Columbus area by a prominent Florida and Ohio real estate and automobile sales company, had filed a flight plan to depart originally at 10 p.m. Saturday night, but didn't take off until 3 hours later.

The mystery aircraft arrived in Orlando on Thursday morning, July 14th after a flight from Columbus, and sat at the Orlando ramp until Sunday morning's departure.

The Lear Jet was still parked at the Port Columbus International Airport Sunday.

Orlando Executive Airport officials reportedly claimed the plane was taking golfers back north after a Florida vacation.

Speculation on "Where's Casey?":

1. At one of her attorney's homes or guest homes in the Orlando area laying low for a few weeks and preparing for a defense in numerous law suits filed or being filed against her
2. Flown to Ohio by private jet (see above) - from the attorney's office to the airport is a ten minute drive  
3. Going to Puerto Rico (Jose Baez is Puerto Rican and has contacts there) - no passport needed to enter P.R.
4. California - If she has an agent or needs one, Hollywood may be a likely place to collect her first fees for an interview, , photos, movie or book deal
5. South Florida - Miami - The place to "party" and be seen
6. South Florida - Clewiston - The place to hide out in small-town Florida away from crowds. An "alternative" lifestyle resort is said to be opening in rural Hendry county catering to gay and bisexual clients. Casey is said to be bisexual, according to Jose Baez during her murder trial opening statement. 
7. In seclusion for therapy for what may now be multiple psychiatric symptoms


  1. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Unbelievable witch hunt in the 21rst century, why don't you people do something positive/pro-active to save your fast-sinking country.
    She left with what was in her account, just like a bank, it is her money.
    Is this sensational news?
    Did you expect the penal system to throw out standard procedure just to satisfy a bunch of "never made a mistake in their lives" couch potatoes?
    You should all do a week in the hell she did 3 years in, you'd all change your opinions fast on whether she received adequate punishment for what she was legally convicted of.
    If the "Body-count minded, jail for profit" GOV. gets their way, you'll all be in the same boat you are advocating.