Friday, July 01, 2011

Jose Baez Fizzles In Casey Anthony Trial

Defense Rests In Ho-Hum Ending

Casey Anthony's attorneys ended her murder defense case Thursday morning, electing to not take the stand in her own defense. Speculation had it she would have to be put on the witness stand to provide explanations for what defense attorney Jose Baez told the jury in opening statements, about an "accidental" death of 2-year old Caylee Anthony.

Baez made astounding claims that 2-year old Caylee Anthony died by accident in the family swimming pool in June 2008, and alleged Casey's father George covered up the accident, while an Orlando meter reader somehow took the child's body, kept it for several months and put it in a wooded area near the Anthony home, later telling authorities he "found" the dead child's skull in a plastic bag in the woods. 

Final defense witnesses included George Anthony's alleged lover, and George, Cindy and Lee Anthony testifying about burying family pets. A courtroom spectator was found guilty of contempt of court and sentenced to six days in jail, and a monetary fine for a middle-finger rude gesture during the assistant state attorney's rebuttal argument.  

Judge Belvin Perry, at the conclusion of the defense case, and after all witnesses were produced, asked Casey if she was going to testify, and posed a series of questions to show she was not being forced or coerced to not testify. Attorneys generally say it is not good to have a defendant testify in a criminal case because of presumed innocence, while the state has to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. 

However, in the unusual trial of Casey Anthony, Jose Baez made extraordinary opening statement claims about what happened to Caylee, and yet he produced no evidence during the trial of the claims. 

Left in the 12-member jury minds is just how effective Baez' trial tactics were to provide some doubt about Casey's guilt.

The state is expected to finish their rebuttal case Friday morning before noon, and the jury will be excused until Saturday morning. The judge and attorneys for the state and defense will hammer out jury instructions all day Friday, which will be later read to the jury, explaining just what they are to consider in their deliberations in the jury room.

Final closing statements by both sides are expected on Saturday. Attorneys will only be able to use evidence and testimony produced during the trial in their statements. Baez will not be able to use any conjecture as during his opening statement.

Update: Trial delayed indefinitely. Friday morning,  Jose Baez was battling again over proposed witnesses, this time for the state's rebuttal arguments. Baez objected to a forensic scientist set to testify on the necessity of opening Caylee's skull for examination, as well as employees from Cindy Anthony's former job testifying on whether was at work or not when Cindy claimed she was at home making a Google search of "chloroform" on the home computer.

Judge Perry allowed Baez to delay the testimony to depose the state's anthropologist witness. Perry warned Baez that this latest witness objection better not be an "imaginary problem" and sternly explained the jury was waiting, and the court would resume throughout the holiday weekend if necessary, including Saturday, Sunday, and the 4th of July.

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  1. Anonymous5:59 PM

    The rebuttal phase is done -- nothing left but the closing statements (Sunday), and the jury deliberation leading to the verdict.

    Then the penalty phase.

    Myself, I predict guilty, sentenced to life in prison.