Sunday, July 10, 2011

Free Fatherhood Classes In Hendry-Glades

Fatherhood Classes


The Fatherhood Grant with Healthy Families Program of the Hendry County Health Department is coming to a close, however some classes will still be offered through the assistance from United Way.


The grant allowed them to go out in the community and teach fathers ways to take care of their babies and get them involved in the parenting process. There has been great success with the Fatherhood Classes in the past.


Babies don't come with instruction booklets, so this grant gave an opportunity for dads to learn how to nurture their babies. Routines are essential for a child's development and parents need to be consistent, predictable and reliable for their babies. The main goal of the class is to give fathers more confidence in their role of caring for their baby. Moms and dads should be equal partners in caring for their baby.


The classes also teach fathers many hands-on skills and baby-basics, which include holding the baby, diaper changing, burping the baby, comforting the baby when they are upset, as well as many other things that dads may face when their bundle of joy arrives.


Research has shown that when fathers are involved in a child's development, the children do better in school, have better social skills, and have higher self esteem (Which results in less juvenile delinquency and a decrease in teen pregnancies).


"Dad's who have completed the program have reported back that they now have a greater confidence in taking care of their baby and realize how important their role is to the healthy development of their child", says Jim Martinson, Fatherhood Facilitator for the Hendry County Health Department.


If you are interested in this FREE class, or if you have any fatherhood questions, please call Jim Martinson. He will be available to give you information and support. Call the Hendry County Health Department in LaBelle: 863-674-4041, ext.140

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