Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fireworks Over? - Jose Baez "Wins" For Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony Trial - The Verdict's In

Twelve jurors in the Casey Anthony murder trial reached a verdict Tuesday July, 5th, 2011, three years after two-year old Caylee Anthony was killed.

In open court, at about 2:15 p.m. Tuesday, the verdict was read. Casey Marie Anthony was found guilty of four counts of lying to law enforcement officers, not guilty of first degree murder, not guilty of aggravated child abuse, not guilty of manslaughter of a child.

Defense attorney Jose Baez and team found a "win" for client Casey Anthony, leaving only guilty charges on the four counts of giving false information to law enforcement when she made statements about the disappearance of her daughter.

The Judge confirmed the jurors' findings and Casey was fingerprinted in court and taken back to jail, waiting further hearings on Thursday at 9 a.m. for sentencing on the four guilty counts of giving false information to a law enforcement officer.

After ten and one-half hours of deliberation, the 12-member jury were unanimous in reaching verdicts on all seven counts against "tot-mom" Casey Anthony.

Five alternate jurors were kept in a separate room, not needed to render a verdict in the six-week long trial in Orlando, Florida. The jurors, all from St. Petersburg, in Pinellas county Florida, were sequestered in Orlando for the length of the trial.

The trial extended through the 4th of July weekend, with final rebuttal arguments by the state prosecution team on Independence Day, 

Defense attorney Jose Baez was said to have done the best he could for his client, given her amazing history of lying to everyone including family, friends, and law enforcement, about her daughter's whereabouts, and what happened to her.

Casey ultimately, after mother Cindy found Caylee not with Casey, claimed Caylee was kidnapped by a baby sitter, but that turned out to be yet another lie. 

Baez, a Florida attorney of only three years when he took the murder case was widely criticized for his inexperience and his surprising opening statement claiming 2-year old Caylee Anthony died in a family swimming pool accident.

Baez wanted the jury to believe Casey's father George knew about the death but covered it up, and somehow under the death theory, an Orlando meter reader hid the body until ultimately he was to find the child's skull in a wooded swamp near the Anthony home in December 2008.

Although Baez had claimed Casey was sexually abused by her father and brother, Judge Belvin Perry, Jr., did not allow that to be mentioned in closing statement as there was no evidence presented during the trial to any facts supporting that claim.

The next judicial step will be sentencing after hearing defense attorneys arguments to sentence Casey for time served, about three years in jail already, allowing her to be set free Thursday.

The judge rejected a motion by Baez last week to stop the trial, after three separate psychological examinations were made, finding her fit to continue the trial.

Should a guilty verdict have been handed down by the jurors, a death sentence in Florida normally takes about 30 years to be carried out, due to extensive appeal processes allowed convicted defendants.

Judge Perry discharged the jurors Tuesday afternoon, and explained to the jurors they were at liberty to speak or not speak to anyone about their jury experience. 

Sentencing hearings will begin Thursday. Casey is convicted of four misdemeanors, with prison time up to one year for each.


  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    How much time do the counts of lying to a law-enforcement officer carry in Florida?

  2. Anonymous2:53 PM

    how much time could she serve?

  3. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Most likely the judge is going to find her time served and she will walk, what an injustice for poor Caylee Anthony.... and now I wonder how long before Casey decides to have another baby and then WHAT????

  4. Anonymous3:05 PM

    4 Years

  5. Anonymous3:06 PM

    4 years max but time served, so she can b out thurs

  6. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Wow...you can kill (or know who killed) your child in Florida and get off scott free...absolutely ridiculous!

  7. Anonymous3:08 PM

    My mouth is still open from disbelief!

    I also can only ask how much time does each of the 4 convictions for lying carry? Surely it can't be enough...

  8. Anonymous3:10 PM

    up to 1 year for each count
    she was found guilty of 4 counts of lying
    shes been in for 3 years now
    so that will leave her with 1 year to serve if the judge sentences her 1 year for each of the 4 counts

  9. Anonymous3:14 PM


  10. Anonymous3:14 PM

    A sad day in America--Our justice system just sent a message to all deranged parents that it is okay to kill your child if you make sure to hide the body until it is skeletonized so no cause of death can be proven!! No justice was served today , it's in God's hands now and I am confident justice will be served in HIS time!! you can lie to a jury, but you can't lie to God!

  11. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I hope Jose Biaz feels good about himself getting Casey Anthony off. I can't believe this country, you can get away with murder. The sad part is we the people paid for him to represent her. Kaylee is dead, means nothing?

  12. Jose Baez did an interview in June with Terra.
    Here's the link: http://en.terra.com/latin-in-america/news/terra_exclusive_interview_with_casey_anthonys_lawyer_jose_baez/hof15569

    He seems to think she's genuinely innocent (although he has to say that as the attorney).

  13. Anonymous3:17 PM

    They are merely misdemeanors; therefore she will not serve any prison time. She may be placed on probation however.

  14. Anonymous3:20 PM


  15. Anonymous3:21 PM

    The prosecution didn't prove its case. It had evidence that was barely circumstantial; it didn't prove when Cailey died, and it never came up with a motive. There wasn't even any evidence that tied Casey Anthony to the murder.

  16. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Florida law, for giving false informtion to a law enforcment officer is 1 year imprisionment or $1000.00 fine per count, more than likely she will get time served aong with probation to pay back lost man hours for her lieing. and that doesnt come cheap for someone who will more than likely never work in the state of Florida again. (unless her attorney hires her)

  17. Anonymous3:22 PM

    The defense council could have made a motion for bail today if they wanted. They were so shocked they forgot to ask probably.

  18. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Well this is kind of a message to the state. Take a plea deal. I guarantee that if the prosecutor wasn't trying to make their careers a plea deal would have kept her in jail for at least 20 years. The political climate, like it or not, does not like giving a death sentence out these days for these type crimes. Don't blame Baez ... he did his job. the prosecution however did not.

  19. Anonymous3:23 PM

    I hope Jose Baez and his legal team sleep well knowing that they got a murderer off scott free. Mr. Baez will represent her in the future again and again. Where's OJ now?

  20. Anonymous3:24 PM

    It's amazing we have all these people who think they know more about the case than the jury did saying Casey Anthony got away with murder. Obviously, they formulated their opinions based on the pontifications of Nancy Grace, a sensational, pop-culture pseudo-attorney.

  21. Anonymous3:27 PM

    The state can NOT appeal the case due to the "Double Jeopardy" clause of the constitution. She can stand on the court house steps and proclaim she killed Caylee, but she can't be tried twice for the same crime. Good ol' American Constitution. The case is officially over.

  22. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I hope all these defense attorneys go home and get a real restful night knowing they got a woman off of murdering her child.

  23. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Was anyone else sickened by the Defense "celebration" after the trial ended? Shame on all of them!

  24. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Someone said 2 wrongs do not make a right! Life or Death what does it matter. Every action good or bad is accounted for, no one leaves without paying.

    Justice will be served sooner or later, sometimes living is quiet more deadly than dying....

  25. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Casey Anthony is a disgusting human being. Who would tatoo 'beautiful life' on themselves after their precious little baby was 'kid napped' and then go out dancing

  26. Anonymous3:41 PM


  27. Anonymous3:53 PM

    go back to school and learn how to spell DEFENSE...you must have been part of the jury.

  28. Anonymous4:01 PM

    As it was said already, there are no winners in this case. However, I feel blessed to live in a country where we have a legal system such as we do. I can only say that if anyone were in a situation such as Casey's, we can only hope that we could have the representation of the Jose Baez' out there. GOD BLESS DEFENSE LAWYERS AND YOU BETTER BE GLAD THEY ARE OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS TO MY DAD FOR ALWAYS PROTECTING THE UNDERDOG, BEST DEFENSE LAWYER EVER.

  29. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I was always a supporter of Casey. I did not think the State has an iron lock case. Just a lot of hope and inferences. There was no hard evidence. No DNA, no fingerprints, nothing left behind. NOTHING. So no conviction. If I was a juror, she would go free.

    This is great for Jose and his team.

  30. Anonymous4:05 PM

    I am very pleased to see Casey Anthony found Not Guilty. The prosecution made it sound good but this is the United States and we are innocent until PROVEN guilty and there was not any PROOF.

  31. Anonymous4:08 PM

    The Jurors heard only half of what we the public heard.. They went by what was presented to them. I blame the Pros. for this, they did not prove there case at all. There theory was way off. They did not investicate like they should have. They were to confident in GUILTY and must of thought the Jurors would see that. I say Baez did a wonderful job in his closing argument that the jury slept on what he said and they made there decision that night.

  32. Anonymous4:17 PM

    I am also pleased to see that this case was tried in the court, not by the media and not by Drama Queen Nancy Grace. This is the USA and the proof was not there....was that because Casey Anthony was innocent?....or simply because the prosecution team was inept? I find it interesting that after all the snickering and laughing and other inappropriate and unprofessional behavior in court, Ashton does not have the guts to talk to the press as a member of the losing team. I wonder if the press will have anything to say about that?

  33. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Get over it people. The system worked. The State did NOT prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt and Anthony was found NOT GUILTY. Nobody said she was innocent. Perhaps if Orange County would have its act together and have done better work, it may have been able to prove its case. While I believe she is guilty, it doesn't matter and can't matter. Our legal system, while having flaws, is the best in the world. In fact, I thank God every day I live here. I thank God every day that if I am arrested and tried for something, I have our system to work within.

  34. Anonymous4:21 PM

    What a ?#$*& casey anthony

  35. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Any mother would agree with me that a true mother would not even care whether or not she was guilty, she would want to die because her only reason for living, her pride and joy was dead. Casey Anthony will live a miserable life here on Earth and a terrible eternity when God judges her. She can lie to all of us, but she cannot hide or lie from God.

  36. Anonymous4:25 PM


  37. Anonymous4:26 PM


  38. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Did the jury watch the same trial as us?

  39. Anonymous4:31 PM

    It's alright that she got off because now the taxpayers money doesn't have to go to waste putting this sick woman to death....

  40. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Yeah Great Job Baez..... But it will never change the fact Casey is guilty.... she killed her daughter. How pathetic. A DUI conviction gets worse punishment in our country than a murderer. Sad sad day America. Karma comes in a ten fold.... I would hate to be Casey when that happens!!!

  41. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Casey Anthony should not really be celebrating the fact that she is not going to prison for a very long time because now the whole world knows her face and has formed an opinion about her...some extremist may put her to her end..

  42. Anonymous4:35 PM

    lets all wear justice for caylee t shirts and strike in front of the Anthony home with pickett signs reading "down with the witch"

  43. Anonymous4:36 PM

    good thing im going to orlando in a week for vacation and a murder is loose!!!!!

  44. Anonymous4:37 PM

    There is Sea World, Disney World, Universal Studios, and now the Anthony Circus!!! Little kids..beware..

  45. Anonymous4:39 PM

    News just in! Profits in Disney World are declining since Orange County has had a murderer released!

  46. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Since the economy is low the jurors figured that they would celebrate this Fourth of July by letting the American people's tempers flare!

  47. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Pretty soon she wll come out with a book, then a movie, ony in America.

  48. Anonymous4:46 PM

    This a sad, sad day. There will be no justice for Caylee. When a mother who parties while her child lies dead in a bag in the woods is found not guilty, you wonder if the jury slept through the whole trial.....it defies all logic!

  49. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Hey Casey Anthony...if you wanted to go off partying and doing things with your boyfriend you should have just asked me to watch caylee for over a month instead of killing her however you decided too....chloroform.....intentional drowning....neck breaking....or all of the above

  50. Anonymous4:48 PM

    i have followed this trial pretty much everyday since the beginning. let me tell you, at times this was the most boring stuff i had ever seen. like watching paint dry. but as time went on, i got into it and i pretty much havn't missed a day of the trial. Objectively speaking, The prosecution DID NOT, prove without reasonable doubt, WHO? killed Caylee. HOW, WHERE, WHEN, WHO have not been proven. you can take all the evidence, this time, point it all at George and you'd get the same thing, MAYBE EVEN THE TRUTH! like i said, objectively speaking. it fits. don't get me wrong, that Casey girl is a strange one... but, the crimes accused were NOT proven.

  51. Anonymous4:53 PM

    There won't be a bella vita for Casey; who would ever hire her for a job? She would most likely embezzle! She stole checks from her girlfriend,and money from her Grandparent and her Mother. Her own attorney admits she is a perpetual liar. If you want to get rid of someone, I guess the place to do it is in Florida! No DNA, no fingerprints; excuse me, but Hurricane Faye took care of that. I'm appalled.

  52. Bryan Branham (Ohio)5:08 PM

    Great job defense. Casey, good luck to you!

    Caylee, RIP.

  53. Anonymous5:09 PM

    YTo those of you supporting Casey. What do you think happened to her daughter. SHE DID IT! What mother does the things she does??? She is guilty and the only thing that saved her is there was no evidence sisnce she hid the body so long and went out partying!


  54. Anonymous5:18 PM

    What happened to the fact that the hypodermic needle containing three substances was part of the evidence in Casey Anthony's car? Why was the jury deprived of all facts?

  55. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Despite popular disbelief and his short track record, Jose Baez did an excellent job and has made a name for hismself in the history books? Where is he originally from?

  56. Anonymous5:44 PM

    I have watched this case since it started & it has been close to my heart because my husband died the week after Caylee died, so I've been grieving for 3 years-& this trial was very hard for me to watch. I have to say that even though you all are so mad at the Defense team for "celebrating", but what do you expect them to do? Give them a break. They were doing their jobs, & they just saved their clients life, so why shouldn't they be happy & celebrate??? Everyone has been talking bad about Jose Baez for 3 years now....well, he did it! He showed that the prosecuters didn't prove their case. I always thought that they didn't prove their case...It's not that I think Casey is innocent-because I don't. I think she definitely did "something", but their were too many holes in the case & the fact is they just didn't prove it beyong a reasonable doubt.
    Casey is going to have a very hard time when she gets out of jail. Millions of people who don't even know her, HATE HER! Plus, EVERYONE knows something about this case...it will be hard for her to live a normal life after this, even with a not guilty verdict.

  57. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Anyone who thinks she is innocent is brain damaged. I hope the whore gets sterilized so she can't murder her next kid.

  58. Michelle5:55 PM

    The state can not file an appeal. It was on them to prove she was guilty and they didnt. They cant try her again, its called double jeopardy. she can never be charged with it again, so even IF she confesses in 5 or 10 years, there isnt shit they can do to her.

  59. Anonymous5:56 PM

    The average american juror has an IQ lower than forest gump,so I'm not the least bit surprised she got off. A jury of peers needs to be eliminated, and instead use a jury of professional people who can actually read, write, and think.

  60. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Casey will be living a life in prison even though she is not locked up. Dont worry people... she will suffer..

  61. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Everyone on here talking about "God"...please keep your delusions & your imaginary friends to yourself. Bravo to Mr. Baez for a well-fought battle. He is a brilliant young attorney & I think he has a bright future ahead of him. I didn't watch news coverage of this case but I watched the raw footage of the trial from start to finish & I think there was clearly enough evidence for reasonable doubt. Whether it is philosophically the right verdict or not, it was legally correct.

  62. Anonymous6:42 PM

    God is real and do not forget it! I pray to God that Casey will realize some day what she has done and ask God for his forgiveness. As long as she asks him and makes amends, she can still be forgiven. We need to pray for Casey as wicked as she may be and her family. God bless little Caylee and may she rest in peace!

  63. Do all of you hater ever think when you mention God, that maybe He found her not guilty and persuaded the jury?...Now come on tell me I'm nuts, well...isn't it possible that maybe YOU'RE nuts?? I'm not saying she is innocent, only God knows that, but there isn't any PROOF!. You cannot convict someone of a crime, that you cannot prove he/she did.

  64. Anonymous7:52 PM

    The true irony is that Casey will probably end up a millionaire after all the appearances on talk shows, book deals, movie deals, etc. and she will enjoy after minute of all of the attention. Yeah, Baez will be rich too as a result of this case!

  65. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Casey Anthony is condemned to wear the mask of "Casey Anthony" for the rest of her life. Think about it people. Where can she go, what will she do. It may be worse for her being on the outside than protected in solitary confinement in jail!

  66. Dear Jose and Casey. This case has sickened us one. My husband and I are both survivors of Sexual Molestation. We are so sorry you suffered such a loss with Calee, and even sorrier you had to endure a childhood of Molestation. There is a web of deceit that these monsters weave around the family. We believe your daughter was also a victim and when she started talking your father had to shut her up. Remember your mother is a victim too. Your jail time wasn't a complete waste, it gave you the time to excape your fathers web and find your own voice. Praise the lord. As for my situation, my stepfather molested me from 2yrs-9yrs old. Until meeting my husband I was still in his approval web. Our marriage has lasted 26 yrs and my husband and I have 3 healthy boys. I am embarrassed to say I wasn't educated in Pedophilia and allowed my stepfather to bbsit my eldest. Thankfully my husband saw the signs and ended all contact from 2 yrs old on, and no contact w/ our other boys. God Bless Mr. Baez for being a voice for those who have none. We would love to hear back. Most sincerely, Frank and Allisa Mazzola
    P.S. Shame to Nancy Grace labeling u "tot mom" evil! our email address is allisamazzola@email.com

  67. Anonymous9:26 PM

    State CAN appeal this ruling, it can not add new evidance. If you are gonna quote double jeopardy laews, get the facts straight first.

  68. Anonymous9:31 PM

    The state needs to find other evidence on this case and charge her with something that will stick

  69. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Casey's own admission of guilt:

    Casey Anthony’s journal dated June 21, 2008, five days after her daughter Caylee Anthony disappeared.

    In the journal, Anthony writes, “…no regrets, just a bit worried… I completely trust my own judgment and know that I made the right decision… This is the happiest I have been in a long time.”

    Anthony’s mother, Cindy Anthony, posted a lengthy message on the social-networking site MySpace on July 3 — nearly two weeks before Caylee was reported missing — “This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love . . . Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankful for all of the love and support given to her . . . ”

    Also in that MySpace entry, Cindy Anthony, wrote, "The daughter who stole money, lots of money, leaves without warning. Where did she go?"

    About Caylee, Cindy Anthony wrote, "Who is now watching out for the little angel?"

    Casey Anthony posted the following on July 7th.

    On the worst of worst days, Remember the words spoken.
    Trust no one, Only yourself.
    With great power, Comes great consequence.

    What is given, Can be taken away.
    Everyone lies - Everyone dies.

    Life will never be easy.
    On the worst of worst days, Remember the words spoken.
    Hold your head high.
    Smile.. Laugh. Love unconditionally.
    Tomorrow is a brand new day.

    And then she got the tattoo "Bella Vita", celebrating her new, "beautiful life".

    Is she guilty? Of course. Will she ever be punished? Yes. Take heart from the knowledge that what goes around, comes around. Watch and wait. Like O.J. Simpson, eventually Casey Anthony will also reap what she has sown.

  70. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Got to give it to Baez. Hard work won the case. A lot of people in these postings are decrying the verdict, but none of you were in the jury and are only basing your rage on what sensationalistic TV reporters fed your puny brains.

  71. Anonymous11:53 PM

    OH listen to all the two faced people here

  72. Anonymous3:39 AM

    This trial served mo justice for Caylee. I do not believe that George molested Casey. I do believe that the whole family had a plan to lie for her and it was planned with Jose Baez. Since George and Cindy were both allowed in the courtroom during the entire trial, they knew just how to play the game. I also believe that jury deliberations should be recorded so that both sides can be aware of how they reached their decision and if the judges instructions were followed. I watched the trial everyday and I do not agree with the verdict, however it is the verdict we have to accept. Because the trial had so much attention, I believe anyone who lied when they were testifing should be charged and face the consequences. The whole family needs some serious counceling. The bottom line is little Caylee Anthony died with her body being thrown in the woods to decay. This case in some way has affected everybody who has heard about it. Complete strangers write nasty things to each other just to express their view. I truly believe that our justice systen failed this time. The question is how do we prevent deception from letting this happen again? If you truly don't believe that Casey Anthony is responsible for the death of her daughter, then who killed little Caylee???

  73. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Nobody here knows more than the jury did; and based upon that fact, they could not convict. People who want to go on a witch hunt and picket in front of the Anthony home are no better than Casey as far as I am concerned. It seems fitting that the verdict came on Independence Day. A day that represents the start of a great country such as ours where innocent until PROVEN guilty is the rule. Like it or not, the prosecution did not prove its case. Mob mentality sickens my heart as much as child killers.

  74. Anonymous9:05 AM

    To the dumbass who posted 7 posts above mine. THE STATE cannot appeal.

  75. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Who is the old hag lawyer who sat next to the baby killer and was jumping up and down like an idiot in the bar across the street?

  76. Anonymous3:00 PM

    I have watched this from day one. The problem was tying Casey to the scene.There was nothing... I have to say I was suprised she totally got off though.I hope her parents can start there life of healing it would not suprise me for Casey to be back with them because parents are the most forgiving people in the world with their children King St petersburg

  77. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Wow.. there was nothing 2 tie her to the scene cause she was inside of bars while her kid was outside in a trunk.. get real.. if there wasn't enough evidence for a guilty verdict, then there definately wasn't enough to prove she was not guilty as well!! Sad day, every single juror was thrown out till they promised they would plea not guilty plain and simple!! If a mother not reporting her child dead, lying about it over and over, not confessing till her mother calls 911 when she got caught up, the journal entry after she kills her, and the jailhouse comment "surprise surprise," isn't enough to tie her to at least 1 felony.... this I no long trust this country!! Wow.. every criminal should move to florida!!!

  78. Anonymous2:30 AM

    The state of Florida has draconian laws for even clearly accidental deaths of children. One grieving family was charged for having their kid die from wasp stings, the claim was they should have called 911 earlier even though he had no symptoms. Another is facing trial now for having their kids drown in a neighbor's swimming pool (mom told dad to come home to watch the kids but he got delayed.)

    So anybody who cannot think of a reason for a person to "make an accident look like murder" hasn't looked into Florida's aggrivated manslaughter cases (30 years.)

    Either Casey or George would be better off staging a scene to look like a stranger murder than admitting to an accident. George, of course, is much better off making it look like his daughter is the culprit. We only have his word that Casey was even at the house that night; she wasn't during the daytime when Cindy went swimming with her granddaughter.

  79. Anonymous1:40 AM

    Whoever posted about the hypodermic needle being found in her car shows me you listened to the great media. The needle was found near Caylees' remains and was tested. This shows exactly why media needs to stay out of court cases.