Friday, July 22, 2011

Is Your Phone Hacked? It Can Be!

Phone Hacking - It's Easier Than Most People Realize

LABELLE, FL. -- Could your cell phone be hacked? Experts say it easier than most people believe for an unauthorized person to get into your phone and retrieve messages.

Here's why it is easy to hack a cell phone. Two of the largest cell phone operators, Sprint and AT&T don't require passwords or PIN numbers to access voice mail messages. That's the opening door for someone to listen to your messages.

Hackers just dial a phone number, press * to access that phone's voice messages and if a pass code hasn't been set up, all the messages are freely available. If a PIN has been set up, it's still fairly easy to guess what it is.

When a pin number is set up, people may use easy to remember, or easy to input combinations of four numbers. The most common PINS are 1234 and 0000.  Other most common pass codes picked are 9999, 5555, 1111, 2222 and surprisingly more odd numbers like 1212, 1998, 0852, and 2580. 

Many may just pick the last four numbers of their phone number for their code, making it easy for an unauthorized user to try to get to your messages. 

How To Eliminate The Possibility Of Hacking Your Phone

If you care about someone listening to your phone messages without your permission:

1. Make sure to set up a pass code, especially if you use AT&T or Sprint, and use something that will not be obvious or easy to guess
2. Erase old voice messages. Once erased they are not accessible by anyone
3. Don't tell anyone your code, no matter how much you might trust them.

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