Friday, July 15, 2011

HIV Map Of Florida - How Do Counties Compare?

Map Shows Incidence Of Diagnosed HIV Patients

The Rollins School of Public Health has published a website with an interactive map showing county by county statistics on prevalence of persons diagnosed with HIV.

This website provides a high-resolution view of the geography of HIV in the United States, 30 years into the epidemic. It allows users to visually explore the HIV epidemic alongside resources such as HIV testing center locations and National Institutes of Health-Funded HIV Prevention & Vaccine Trials Sites. 

Glades county had between 24 and 53 individuals, while Hendry had between 54 and 159. Both counties have among the largest percentage per population affected.

It is noted counties with prisons may have an artificially inflated rate. Both Hendry and Glades had correctional institutions when the latest survey was made.

The data come from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's national HIV surveillance database that is comprised of HIV surveillance reports from state and local health departments. AIDSVu will be updated on an ongoing basis in conjunction with annual HIV surveillance data releases, as well as new data and additional information as they become available. 

For an interactive Florida map, go to


  1. It is a good news!

  2. Yeah,agree.HIV map will be a good tool for HIV carriers.

  3. Anonymous7:09 AM

    if you read the disclaimer
    it says clearly that if there is a prison in that county the numbers may be "off"
    in 2008 Hendry County hosted a state maximum security prison outside of Immokalee. I can pretty much promise you most of the numbers listed for Hendry County were THERE.