Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hendry Motels - Not Always Up To Par?

Violations Found In LaBelle And Clewiston Motels

LABELLE, FL. -- Recent inspections by the Florida Division of Hotels and Restaurants found expired licenses, holes in ceiling, rat droppings, flammables stored near boilers, and other violations in area motels.

At the LaBelle Motel at 170 W. Hickpochee, an inspection January 17th found the motel's license was expired, along with a repeat violation of a hole in the ceiling over the motel's clothes dryer in the laundry room along with soiled utensils and a dirty microwave plate. The inspector notes a follow up inspection is required.

The motel has had two inspections resulting from complaints in the last year, including one for no hot water, and one other follow up inspection was required.

Betty's Apartment Motel at 597 Hickpochee, owned by Elizabeth Harrell has apparently been operating without a license for over two years, according to the inspection reports. The motel has been warned numerous times, and follow up inspections have been required twice in the last year for the no license situation.

River's Edge Motel, on the north side of the river in LaBelle had one critical violation when the inspector found live ants in room 6. On a previous inspection a build up of lint was found in the laundry room.

The Clewiston Inn had two critical violations in an October inspection report. Found were, flammable materials, 30 wooden chairs stacked within 8 inches of the boiler in the boiler room, and an exit pathway blocked by chairs and plastic foliage at the top and bottom of steep stairs.

The Holiday Inn in Clewiston had one critical violation in a November inspection. Flammables were found in the boiler room, old mattresses.

At the Haden Motel at 820 E. Sugarland in Clewiston, an inspection noted a mold like odor or growth and dark build up on the shower curtain in room 110 due to inadequate ventilation.

The Plaza Travel Inn at 621 E. Sugarland had six violations in October including three critical, with rodent droppings in the laundry area. A second inspection the next day, cleared all the violations.

At the West Express Inn at 433 W. Sugarland, five violations were found including 3 critical on December 28. Mold growth and room odor was found in room 107 and sanitation problems in 106.

At Uncle Joe's Fish Camp on Hwy. 720 northwest of Clewiston in Glades county, a missing faucet handle was noted in a bath in room 8A on a January 13th inspection.

All other Hendry and Glades county motels passed inspections with no violations or any violations were corrected immediately during the visit.

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