Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Timeshare Scam Alert - Transfer Smart

Getting Rid Of Your Vacation Time Share Will Cost Thousands

LABELLE, FL. -- Mailings are going out by the thousands to mailboxes around the area from a company called Transfer Smart of Torrence, California making an offer that sounds like they will purchase vacation timeshare condo units from owners.

The letter signed by Cindy MacMillan, founder of Transfer Smart claims she will "get you out of your Timeshare Forever!"

Not said is that you will be charged thousands of dollars for "transfer fees" to give away your time share apartment or condo to the company.

Not said also is that only certain properties will be eligible and there must be no payments due, including maintenance fees or taxes on the unit.

The letter invites a call to (888) 349-4412 "to reserve your appointment with one of our Consumer Advisors." Adding, "We are accepting a limited number of Timeshares. Space is limited...."

The company will set up a meeting at a local hotel where high pressure agents await you to write a check.

The company Transfer Smart LLC, started in February 2010 by Cindy and David MacMillan also operates as Timeshare Relief Inc. The company address is listed as 2241 West 190th Street, Suite 100, Torrence, CA 90504.

Many organizations are trying to take advantage of timeshare owners, asking large fees from those who have been unable to sell their units due to the very large inventory of units that are on the market for sale or being unused.

Timeshare owner groups recommend not to pay anyone to sell or dispose of a timeshare, instead advising to literally give away for free any unwanted condo, and pay an attorney a hundred dollars or so to do the paperwork. The owner's groups say it is unnecessary to ever pay anyone thousands of dollars to dispose of a timeshare or to pay a "listing fee" to place it on the market.


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    So, what do we, who have timeshares and maintenance fees that are going up at an astronomical rate each year, do to get rid of our contractual obligation?

  2. You probably have heard of these sorts of timeshare promotions before. Why would a timeshare resort give you a free weekend in a wonderful destination for free, or for a very low price? The answer is simple: because there will be some strings attached. That means that you will have to sit through one of their timeshare presentations, and their main goal is to get you to buy a timeshare ownership

  3. K R JOHNS3:58 PM

    What can a lawyer do? My parents have a timeshare they are wanting to get rid of. The fees are going up and their children don't want to inherit.