Friday, January 20, 2012

Three LaBelle Restaurants Close

Hard Times Hit Area Eateries

LABELLE, FL. -- Three local restaurants in downtown LaBelle have shuttered their doors within the month. Closed are the Chalkboard Deli, A Country Kitchen and Bakery, and Nuttin' Fancy Cafe.

A Country Kitchen and Bakery was evicted by the landlord for non-payment in December. The restaurant had attempted to make a success of the space vacated by long-time LaBelle restaurant Flora and Ella's. A landscape worker outside the closed restaurant today said he heard that a new owner was planning to re-open in the space soon.

Nuttin' Fancy Cafe, operated by a family from Lehigh has closed. Rumor has it that the family will attempt to open a restaurant in Lehigh Acres.

Chalkboard Deli was a popular small restaurant and could not get above water, competing with the numerous other restaurants in town. The store got off to a bad start after the owner sustained a medical injury delaying the opening.

None of the failed restaurants did any extensive advertising, but tried to rely on word of mouth to gain customers. As is the case with most restaurant failures, attribution for the early closings may be made to a lack of sufficient financial reserves to carry through slow business times, and lack of research and planning before leaping into the new venture.


  1. Anonymous8:35 PM

    I'll miss Chalkboard Deli's great sandwiches and hope they can find another outlet for their imaginative menu.

  2. Anonymous3:50 PM

    SOME GOOD NEWS TO REPORT! Imagine this: A young 22 year old LaBelle native, works 2 jobs, while going to school, graduates and brings her skill back to her home town. She comes up with a catchy name, opens her business in the heart of LaBelle, does little-to-no advertising, during a "Double Recession". Now in business for more than 18 months and going strong! Can you guess who?