Monday, January 02, 2012

LaBelle's McGill Awaiting Trial On Meth Charges

McGill In County Jail - Methamphetamine Sale Charge

LABELLE, FL. -- Thomas William McGill is waiting in Hendry County jail, charged with possession of over 14 grams of methamphetamine, trafficking and seven other charges.

McGill, 31, was booked into jail April 20th, 2011 and failed to come up with bail, $50,000 on the drug charge alone.

He's also charged with grand theft, burglary, dealing in stolen property, use of drug paraphernalia, property damage, and criminal mischief.

An additional $27,000 bond is required to get out of jail on those charges.

McGill is a many times convicted thief and drug abuser, last convicted for theft November 2010, and another theft conviction from May 2004 along with a conviction for giving a false ID to law enforcement officers. In September 2003 he was convicted of dealing in stolen property and possession of marijuana.

In July 2002, he had 2 convictions for burglary, theft and dealing in stolen property, possession of cocaine and resisting officer with violence.

McGill was last in court November 19th, 2010 where he was found guilty on theft charges and given a sentence of one day in jail, and $495 court costs.

McGill is scheduled for to be in court on the latest eight charges January 19th, 2012, for a case management hearing.

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  1. Browne you must really have a hard on for Thomas since you know all the facts right. You are nothing but a mouth piece for the sheriff dept.nothing but a gosssip colum. You want to know the real stories why don't you ask Thomas instead of what you her from the big office Thomas took the wrap for Jamie Long She was driving the car That was her stuff.Thomas did not want her baby girl so see her put in hand cuffs. STUPID yes. YOU want a story try this I bought 2 houses in 2 differnt parts of town and with in 2 weeks I could tell you who was selling drugs in that area just by the traffic patterns that go on all day long. The are so many people selling pills in Labelle it has become a joke. One girl I see there gets a goverment check to pay for the pills The sheriff knows the cops don't care hell there was even a cop that was living by one drug house I KNOW this for a fact.So lets dig alittle deeper for a story. What about the girl that accidently stabbed her boyfriend to death a few months back. She was screwing a cop hello! Didn't hear anymore about that story. There are so many stories that are coverd up in the town of Labelle it's unbeliveable.Maybe the sheriff should have asked Thomas to leave town like he did Boyle.Then it would have save the states attorney's office a lot of time and money.

  2. Anonymous6:45 PM

    It's kind of odd that all the extra charges where bought against Thomas after he got arrested and not before. That must of been the ones that the cops could not pin on anyone else

  3. Anonymous12:56 PM

    There is no way mcgill will get a fair trial, not here in Labelle. Noway nohow he's had too much publicity and too much public opinion has been formed.So anyone that sits on that jury has heard only what the newspaper prints.So no matter what they say everyone has read about it and formed an opinion. Fair no but I guess the press always has you by the balls. Because you can write about anything and everybody in this small town true or not this small town will form an opinion just saying.

  4. Anonymous2:26 PM

    This is in fact a sad case of a good kid raised by good folks that somewhere along the line went awry. You know in fact that some of the good parently stuck if he was actually taking the wrap to protect a little child. Lets just hope that mother has the sense to make a hard right turn and straighten herself out for the child.
    It happens all too often especially in little old LaBelle. Lets all just turn our heads instead of stepping up and providing good leadership. Maybe something for the kids to do - but think outside the box for a change - and offer something the kids want to do or are interested in doing.