Thursday, January 05, 2012

Casey Anthony's Video Blog - Where Is She Now?

Casey Anthony Gets Computer, Camera, Dog And Phone

OKEECHOBEE, FL. -- Infamous, and much hated Casey Anthony has apparently made a video that has appeared this week on Facebook, YouTube as well as network television shows.

MSNBC alleges to have verified the video as real.

In her "1st" video, said to have been made October 1, 2011, Anthony talks about having something of "her own" including a computer, camera, phone and a new dog. She says she'll make more videos later.

Her former criminal attorney Jose Baez says Anthony didn't put the video online, and doesn't know how it got there, saying someone else must have posted it online.

Anthony, now with shorter blond hair, says she has been using Skype, a voice and video over the internet application. Presumably anyone she might talk with over Skype could record the call and post it online.

She is hiding out in an undisclosed location somewhere in Florida. 

From the video, it might be guessed she is living in a small mobile home or travel trailer, probably in a remote rural location to keep her whereabouts hidden. It appears she's not actually talking with anyone, but merely giving a four minute and 20 second commentary on her life since she left Orlando in August.

She says she'll remain at her current location until at least the end of February, noting her birthday is in March.

Negative comments about the video are wildly outnumbering positive public comments for Casey's "1st" online video.

Anthony has been on a one year probation since the summer for check fraud in Orlando in 2010.

Is She In Okeechobee, Florida?  Story:


  1. Anonymous5:58 PM

    When she is ready to tell us why and how she killed her beautiful daughter we'll watch and listen, otherwise keep this nut case out of the media. She is not welcome in Pinellas county.

  2. Anonymous10:20 PM

    I will never understand why people choose to hate instead of to love.
    We don't have any proof of what killed little Caylee.
    A jury has rendered a judgment and I choose to accept it as a valid conclusion.
    The prosecution did not prove its' case without reasonable doubt.
    In my opinion, Casey does and has suffered from mental disorders.
    I have no idea how severe they are, but I am so glad that she is receiving proper therapy.
    Doesn't any other person in the world other than me think that she misses Caylee, her daughter?
    Don't you think it is really hard for her to broach the subject?
    I say let her get on with her life.
    This is a free society with laws that have set her free.
    Now let's let her go and hopefully reconnect with her family and find who she really is.
    This young lady is far from evil.
    I wish her all the luck in the world and I really wish that people would give up the hatred.
    If the society spent as much time on love and rehabilitation/counseling as it did on hating and pointing out the flaws in others, we might have a better world for all the little children.
    Praying for Casey, George, Cindy, Lee and every other family member and those helping Casey to find her way in a new world.

  3. Anonymous12:52 AM

    She'll get what's hers in time. God will find some kind of justice for Caylee's death. There's no doubt in my mind that this crazy shell of a human being killed her lovely little girl. I don't care if supposedly there's no proof. The smell of a decomposing body in the trunk of her car is enough for me. I hope to God I never meet her.

  4. Anonymous1:46 AM

    i i i i me me me me me mine mine mine

  5. Anonymous2:20 AM


  6. Anonymous3:28 AM

    cant someone fire a round from close range? or from a grassy knoll?

  7. Anonymous3:29 AM

    cool video from inside the mobile home...gross gross gross...bend over thats what you do best!

  8. Anonymous3:33 AM

    her poor parents...not sure who is worse off... her parents or Cher!

  9. She is glad to have something of her own? Something she doesn't have to give back? YOU HAD A CHILD WHO WAS YOUR OWN. DID YOU APPRECIATE HAVING HER OR DID YOU HATE THE COMPETITION AND THE RESPONSIBILITY? THIS HAS BEEN A BLESSING???!!! ....bothering the poor dog? Oh, my god!? Things have changed since July? BUT, your daughter is still dead isn't she? Things will get better? BUT, your daughter is still dead, isn't she? YOU'RE HAPPY. IS CAYLEE? IS CAYLEE? IS CAYLEE??????!!!!!!! STOP POLLUTING THE AIR. SHUT UP.

  10. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Gee, she's not looking for attention is she. Something of her own? Objects and nothing, you HAD a beautiful little girl! What a sick waste of life.

  11. Either way the public is once again put back where it was in the first place- did she or did she not do it? Whether she leaked the video or even killed her daughter is starting to matter less as Ms Anthony continues the manufacturing of her persona and perhaps the final payday she is hoping for. She must be able to smell it so close by now that it must be driving her crazy. Not bad for a woman who has a wild fear of the cameras….look forward to forthcoming videos.

  12. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I would like to know what was going through the minds of the jury to come up with Not Guilty!

  13. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Doesn't anyone know a professional liar by now? Do not listen to any nonsense from the latest released jailhouse testimonies. How about a psych eval report NOW, and NOT WASTE time reverting back to what was conducted behind bars.
    Moreover, how about a blog for "I hate Cindy Anthony" or "Jose Baez" Cindy has that same glarey psycho look in her eyes as Charlie Sheen...did you notice?

  14. Anonymous2:24 PM

    To the person who said Casey Anthony has mental problems: it was mandatory for Casey to talk to Psychiatrists and Psychologists before her trial to make sure she was competent enough to go on trial. She was beyond competent. According to BOTH of the doctors, she was COMPLETELY NORMAL with NO MENTAL DISORDERS AT ALL. You seem like you are completely naive. Did you even keep up with the case or see the trial? You probably should've followed it a little better.

  15. Anonymous7:31 PM

    she is a selfish callous murderer!!! she killed one of gods beautiful angels! i hope that her father in heaven punishes her for her terrible genocidal nature...crimes against humanity...i shall continue to pray...