Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Florida Encounter With Casey Anthony

Casey Spotted In Rental Truck, Towing Trailer Near Lake Placid, Fl.

LABELLE, FL. -- A small rental moving truck with Arizona plates pulls up to the Shell station gas pump on a Sunday afternoon, August 13th, towing a white camping trailer about 20-foot long. I think I've spotted Casey Anthony.

It's a very rural area of Highlands County on U.S. 27 at the intersection of Florida's State Road 70.  I'm out just riding around the county roads on my scooter, now needing some gas, I'm at the Shell station.

The camping trailer displays Florida tags. Wonder why a rental truck is towing a camping trailer.

Head east on SR70 and you end up in the fishing town of Okeechobee, on the north side of the nation's second largest freshwater lake, Lake Okeechobee. The Bass Fishing Capital Of The World, they say.

A 30s looking man wearing nothing more than a wet pair of shorts is driving the truck. His bare feet up to his mid calf are as dirty as you can get. A woman looking exactly like Casey Anthony talks to the driver. It's a bit odd. I'm thinking why would Casey be here with a guy with dirty feet?

I notice there are about three "mud trucks" on trailers at the gas station across the street and one at this one. I'm thinking there must have been a "mudding" event somewhere in South Florida where the beat up trucks play in the mud, racing and generally having a good time.

I'm now guessing "Casey" and her wet-shorts, dirty footed companion have just returned from mudding.

Casey was not dirty at all. Somehow I can't picture Casey Anthony getting dirty. She was not at all overweight as some have said she is now appearing after her release from the Orange County Jail in July.

"Casey" has walked up to the driver's side, and talks with the man a minute or so. She looks so familiar. "It's really Casey Anthony!" my mind silently screams. Just like on TV, but with the more relaxed hair style.

I carry a video camera most places, just in case. Today, however, my senses said I should be a bit discreet and not grab the camera and start shooting. If it's really her and she's with the mud truck crowd, I might be in a bit of an uncomfortable situation, camera in hand pointing at Casey and companion.

I decide to not take pictures.

The woman, I'm now convinced is Casey Anthony, wearing a pony tail, in shorts and tank top, oddly climbs in the driver's side of the rental truck and climbs over to the passenger side.

I go around the back of the trailer, discreetly looking in the windows to see what I can see and then drive my scooter around to the truck passenger side to get another glimpse of the woman. I'm sure it's her.

But why is she here?

Jose Baez Sends Casey To Okeechobee, Florida?

On August 22nd, multiple reports are being twittered that Casey is in Okeechobee, Florida, "spotted around town." The town is 50 miles directly east on State Road 70 from the Shell station where I believe I saw her on August 13th.

The twitter reports say she's "polite and very quiet" and the people are not making much of her appearance in the small town.

Her attorney Jose Baez confirmed on the Geraldo Rivera show on Fox this Sunday that's she is in Florida and ready to appear for her one-year probation condition on her fraudulent check convictions. An appeal had been filed with the Florida Court of Appeals, and he wanted her to be in Florida should a decision be rendered this week.

Baez said she's with "spiritual advisers," helping her get her life back on track. The guy driving the truck didn't appear to be a spiritual adviser, but then what do I know?

Update: Today, the Court of Appeals denied Baez' motion, and Anthony will be required to appear at the probation intake office in Orlando by noon, Friday August 26th.


  1. So it sounds like you really did see her! Too funny, you should have taken some photos..

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    2. I have lived in okeechobee for 10 years,
      most of us here are retired people we dont need your drama here...
      move on.......

  2. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Dear Casey, you are a waste of oxygen.

  3. Anonymous1:48 PM

    I agree, you should have taken pics to back up your story... who cares if they saw you taking videos, I am sure no one would have cared...needed to show the facts...

  4. Anonymous12:05 AM

    Definately should have taken a pic AND glared..Make sure she knows shes not welcome!

  5. Anonymous5:48 PM

    I thought her body was still tight :)

  6. Anonymous10:22 AM

    I would like to see her so I can try to hit that!!She is a very pretty woman!

  7. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Um .. my first thought is that you SHOULD have taken photos and like 'Anonymous' said, to back up your story. Sorry, but I don't believe you saw Casey! She would NOT have been in this situation -- with mud and truckers and such. Come on, can't you get the attention you seem to need another way? Just saying ...

    1. Anonymous7:39 PM

      I did see casey in Fort Meyers beach florida ..I wasn't sure it was her but I did take pictures after she noticed I was taking pictures they left

  8. Anonymous11:29 AM

    you all are idiots...leave her alone. She was found not guilty, u will not change that, she is welcome at my place anytime...Leave her alone!

  9. Anonymous12:22 PM

    OK And??

  10. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Hmmm, so you wrote a stupid article about MAYBE seeing Casey Anthony?

  11. Anonymous5:46 PM

    It's funny that they are telling the world where she is and letting everyone know that no one is making a big deal out of her being there. They must want something to happen or else they would have kept their mouths shut and not put it on twitter. You act like Baez is in control of everything she does. I'm sure she decides where she wants to go and when. It's only a matter of time. It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

  12. Anonymous3:29 PM


  13. Most of the comments I've read on here are ignorant and unjust. Since the last time I checked and America did as well; the United States of America's justice system found Casey Anthony innocent. Innocent means innocent. Furthermore.. for you extremely ethical, and morally upstanding Christians and Hippocrates alike... don't forget about what Jesus said about loving your neighbor instead of condemning them. Also, making sure the LOG in your eye is dealt with before you try to deal with someone else. Just saying...

  14. Anonymous1:53 AM

    She wasn't found innocent.

    She was found not guilty.
    Not guilty and innocence are two complete and total different things.

    And, its funny that people are "spotting" her in Okeechobee because I was just thinking about this before alleged sightings and thought to myself "what if, like many other people trying to escape attention, Casey Anthony was actually in Okeechobee."

    I'll be sure to be on the look out for her the next time I step out into the community...everybody knows everybody in chobee, and their business.


  15. Anonymous10:45 PM

    I live in okeechobee florida and I have heard that she has been spotted around town..... to the whole mud thing we recently had mud fest so thats probably why they were all muddy... I'm sure she is here in this small town hiding from the rest of the world.. being that nobody knows about this small town of okeechobee...

  16. Anonymous1:06 PM

    i also live in Okeechobee, and i actually went to school with her, and i have heard that she is living here, and i think i even know where, i would like to see her, and tell her not everyone hates her. she was found no guilty, and i would like to befriend her again, just like when we were in school.

  17. America's justice system found Casey Anthony innocent. Innocent means innocent. Furthermore.. for you extremely ethical, and morally upstanding Christians and Hippocrates alike... don't forget about what Jesus said about loving your neighbor instead of condemning them. facebook profile covers

  18. Anonymous6:58 PM

    She was found not guilty... whats wrong with you people? If you don't like the justice system here get out of the country and go stalk someone else.

  19. Anonymous6:59 PM

    If you see someone with a Florida tag of KO4YM, kick his ass!

  20. Anonymous2:09 PM

    I can't stand her I don't know why they couldn't find her guilty she played it off in the beginning she knows damn well what she did. It will haunt her later in life she will get what she deiserves....