Saturday, August 06, 2011

It's HUGE! How Billy And Caroline Sell Lots Of Cars In Florida

"Caroline, It's HUGE!" - Selling Cars Big Time In Pine Island

LABELLE, FL. -- Fuccillo Kia in Cape Coral, Florida, just north of Fort Myers, is advertised as one of the largest Kia dealerships in the country. Featured in the TV and radio ads, Billy Fuccillo is obnoxious and unforgettable. And that's the plan. He wants you to buy a car from his Pine Island dealership, and buy it now, presumably at "huge" savings.

The Fuccillo ads are probably the most played spots on Fort Myers radio and TV stations, probably outdoing the Morgan and Morgan law firm ads that play obnoxiously too often as well.

William B. Fuccillo is the sole owner of Fuccillo Affiliates Of Florida, Inc., the one-year old automobile company hitting it big at the Pine Island Road store. Many say they hate the ads with the "huge" tagline, but you have to admit, you can't forget it. It's just "huge."

Fuccillo started in the car business back in 1980, two years after attending Syracuse University on a football scholarship. He started buying car dealers' trade-in vehicles, reconditioning them and selling them at dealer auctions for a nice profit splitting it with the dealership he worked for.

Having saved a large nest egg from his car sale profits, he bought a Dodge dealership in 1989 in Adams, New York, with $125,000. He bought a second dealership in 1990, beginning a string of dealership purchases all over the country.  He says he liked to buy a dealership cheap, and then sell it two years later for a big profit.

He's owned automobile dealerships in California, Nevada, New Mexico, and the Carolinas. His base, however is New York. He started his Fort Myers store last year and as luck would have it high gas prices, and a shall we say "huge" inventory of Kia vehicles have done well for Fuccillo.

Caroline Renfro, the gal who never gets to finish the TV commercials before Billy says, "It's HUGE, Carolyn, It's HUGE," has been acting in the Fuccillo commercials for many years. Originally from North Carolina, Caroline met Fuccillo when had a dealership there. His son also attended school there for a while.

She worked for JTA Talent in Charlotte, N.C., and has done other car dealership commercials other than the "huge" ads for Fuccillo, including ads for a Greensboro, N.C. Kia store.

For Caroline fans (her Linkedin page):  
For Billy fans (ad for his New York car store):

UPDATE May, 2013: Fuccillo charters cruise ship for customers' 5-day Bahamas trip and other sales gimmicks (see story)


  1. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Tv ads are in very very poor taste and downright annoying .

  2. Not really in poor taste....but yes, often annoying due to the frequency, but the plan is spot-on, you can't forget

    1. Anonymous10:47 AM

      After a store purchase this was given as an email

  3. Anonymous7:47 PM

    love the ads, very entertaining; love that Billy donated $100,000 to the local Salvation Army over Christmas.

    1. I HATED this guy at first, and I was Always taught to give someone a CHANCE!! After a while...I thought Him and Caroline were "Alright!!" BUT......BILLY IF YOUR READING THIS...ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS ADD SOME COMEDY TO YOUR ADS AND THEY WILL BE H-U-G-GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.......DON'T FORGET ME IF YOU MAKE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ON BEING FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Less commercials and more donations....

  4. Anonymous10:26 PM


  5. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Listen. We've been dealing with this obnoxious guy for years in NY. It's time someone else got a taste. He's worse than Justin Resnick and his mattress commercials. Never met him. He could be the nicest guy in the world but his commercials are so annoying I will NEVER buy a car from him. I'll take the bus first.

  6. Anonymous4:45 PM

    I love these people that have these negative opinions about him being obnoxious. It doesn't matter. His strategy works. If you don't like it turn off your radio, t.v.

  7. jessica9:34 AM

    i work for billy and if you dont like his ads thats your problem turn off your radio / tv he is extremely generous and a wonderful boss, come see us on pine island road in cape coral ill be the smiling employee

  8. Anonymous11:59 AM

    he catches your attention and if the price is right, he's the guy i will buy from

  9. Anonymous1:36 AM

    Not only are these commercials annoying they are offensive
    I can't chane the channel fast enough?

  10. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Hubby and I snowbird in Matlacha from England and get a good laugh out of the Fucillo adverts. Billy, apparently, is a generous man (only this weekend he has pledged up to $50k for Wink TV and recently paid $100k to the Salvation Army). Only those who are in his life, or work for him, have a real idea of his personality. Don't knock the man for his adverts - they work. If you don't like them then you should know where the off switch is on the TV or radio - if not then you really shouldn't be allowed out on your own. A lot of 'knockers' of successful people are basically jealous at the end of the day. Good luck to him, Caroline and his dealership.

  11. Anonymous4:40 PM

    They are the best dealership in Florida. He has been the best thing for our community. His commercials are a little annoying but he is nothing like that in person. they have the best management team ever.. We are a family of 3 Kias and we love them..

  12. Anonymous6:30 PM

    The commercials are more than just annoying. In my opinion, they degrade the intelligence of the entire community. The fact that the man has to raise his voice and scream to get our attention to buy a car is just ridiculous. Is this what our society has come to? Do ads have to have this kind of shock value in order to get our attention as something worthwhile? I would never buy a car from a car dealership owner who behaves this way. NEVER. Does matter what kind of guy he might be.

  13. Debra4:23 PM

    My question is why do people have to be sooooo judgemental. REALLY? I think there are so many critical people. It's a commercial get over yourself. He is a generous person who runs a great business who employees people that respect him and I say good for him I told my daughter Mandy to go to him love his commercials what annoying is unhappy people....Keep up the good work.....

  14. Anonymous8:01 PM

    he does nothing good for no one when he is promoting alcholism

  15. Anonymous1:00 PM

    if you think this guy is obnoxious, try spending five minutes in a room with Doug Plattner of Plattner Auto Group (Arcadia Chevy, Labelle Dodge, Belle Glade Chevy). Biggest piece of scum in America. As Billy would say he is a HUGE piece of crap.

  16. Anonymous9:26 PM

    I think he is a great guy. He gave my husband a job when we really needed it. Gave him a chance to really learn about himself. He now has a career at the tender age of 40. I love his ads and do think he will do some good with the comedy aspect. Love the "Star Wars" ad. Thank you very much Billy for the great chance you have given my family to succeed just as you have.

  17. Anonymous11:24 PM

    He is not a good role model when he has been drunk with blood shot eyes and slurred speech in some of his commercials like the ones he did at the casino. He needs to look, act and speak like he is sober because being drunk in a commercial is in poor taste

  18. This guy makes me want to puke.I would never buy anything from this loudmouth jerk.

  19. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Hey Billy............could you calm down...please????? Your ads are annoying !! After's only a Kia !!! Geesh !!!!