Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nine LaBelle Homes Sold

From 8/2/2011 to 8/9/2011, there were 9 homes sold in the LaBelle, Florida area for an average price of $63,222. The sold homes prices:

1)$15,000 onCollege St
2)$55,000 onFlorida St
3)$87,000 onGrove Cir (Port LaBelle)
4)$175,000 onKirby Thompson Rd
5)$44,000 onPark Dr
6)$27,000 onRainbow Cir (Port LaBelle)
7)$41,000 onRainbow Cir (Port LaBelle)
8) $117,000on Rivera Vista Blvd
9) $8,000on S Edgewater Cir (Port LaBelle)

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