Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Casey Anthony Due In Orlando Thursday

Court Orders Casey's Orlando Probation Check-In

Speculation waxes on when, and where Casey Anthony will show up in the Orlando area Thursday under orders to begin her probation period on bad check convictions in 2010.

An Orange county judge corrected a previous order in the case, demanding Anthony now show up within 72 hours to begin her one-year probation. Defense attorney Jose Baez has filed an emergency motion attempting to quash the order, saying she served her probation while in the Orange County jail while waiting for her murder trial.

A spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Corrections Wednesday morning held a press conference explaining the procedures Anthony will be expected to follow. The department said they have spoken with Baez, and Anthony is expected to come to the probation intake facility by 10 a.m. Thursday.

Baez has told reporters that he believes the judge in the bad check case had only 60 days to change the order, and that time has long expired. Other experts claim the new order only corrects a "scrivener's error and is a legitimate order that corrects the previous order.

Under probation, Anthony will be required to give her current address, which will be public, unless there is a threat against her, check in each month, look for a job, and stay away from felon's and firearms. She would need permission to change her address or leave the state.

Speculation reigns on just where Anthony has been since her release last month from jail. Sources say she flew immediately to Columbus, Ohio. She has an uncle and aunt in the Youngstown area.  A private jet, belonging to a well known Florida and Ohio car dealer departed Orlando shortly after her near midnight release from jail and landed in Columbus.

Baez says she wants to get therapy, and that leads our sources to believe she may be in the Chicago or probably the Milwaukee area.  There is reportedly a "bounty" for information on her whereabouts.

Update: Chief Judge Belvin Perry has ordered a stay on the order saying Anthony must check in with the probation department Thursday. A hearing is set for 9 a.m .Friday in Orlando on the emergency motion to quash the order.

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