Saturday, May 26, 2012

53 Clewiston Red Light Tickets

Police Activity This Week In Clewiston
CLEWISTON, FL. -- Clewiston Police Chief Don Gutshall reports last week 53 red light camera violations were issued and the department will be planning an awards night for the two officers who heroically dove into the Industrial Canal on the night of May 18th in an effort to save the victims of a car crash.

The "Life Preserving Bar" will be presented to Jose Rojas and Jackie Garrett at an upcoming Clewiston City  Commission meeting.

The Explorer group held an Awards Ceremony Friday afternoon. Several of the Post members received pins and bars for advanced training, drill accomplishments and community service.

Monday afternoon, the department received a call concerning a “stolen puppy”. Following a brief investigation, Officer Bozzi tracked down the thief and the puppy. She quickly arrested the offender and transported him to jail. Officer Baker gets an assist for transporting the puppy.

Following is a brief synopsis of the week’s activity:

944 Commercial / Residential Security Checks
529 Complaints Investigated
68 Traffic Citations Issued
71 Written Warnings Issued
53 Red Light Camera Violations Issued
5 Criminal Arrests Made
70 Merchant Escorts Provided
29 Alarms Responded To
3 Traffic Accidents Investigated


  1. Red light cameras in Clewsiton? I had to do a double take. How many wrecks have there been due to red light running in the course of a year? That question should always be asked when a local government is considering using automated for-profit law enforcement instead of their police officers. Then a follow up would be to see how many there have been after the cameras were put up.

    In Kansas City, MO, a police study showed there were 101 right angle impact crashes at intersections that later received cameras in the year prior to the cameras, 95 the first year after cameras, and then 98 the second year. The study also showed rear-end crashes increased there. The camera company tried to omit this data and claim a 65% and 54% reduction due to cameras, but citizens there found the report and published it.

    Next we can talk about guilty until proven innocent, excessive fines, the inability to go to court from a camera ticket, etc. Automated for-profit law enforcement is a bad idea.

  2. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Not to mention City of Clearwater and that area as well as others "dispose" of all the city workers and police officers not on emergency calls who run the lights and are caught on camera. Demand ID in court and make them show a clearly defined tag. This is absolute B.S. but yet the little city manager can run around and commit felonies with his police badge. What losers they all are. That and Don needs to go ahead and retire. That way he can go and find a spine somewhere to purchase since he doesnt have one.