Friday, May 18, 2012

Hendry Election News - Sheriff Race

Six Sheriff Candidates Continue Raising...And Spending Money

LABELLE, FL. -- Reports filed in April at the Hendry Supervisor of Elections office show Raymond A. Van Houten had raised the most money, and spent the most so far in the race for Hendry Sheriff.

Van Houten had raised $8,863 and spent $8,001 on his campaign. Second in money raised was incumbent Sheriff Steve Whidden. Whidden raised $8,650,  but spent only $418.

Typical expenses by candidates are for T-Shirts, coffee mugs, printing, postage, and even the purchase of a handgun, raffled off by one candidate. Raffles by political candidates are probably illegal under Florida lottery rules, which only allow churches and registered non-profits to conduct gambling games.

Other candidates reports of money raised/spent:  Steven Maldonado $7,025/$6,875, Mark R. Chamberlain $4,150/$2,803, Matthew A. Beatty $2,795/$1.842, and E. Carmona $209/$0

In other Hendry election news, Stephanie Busin and Cynthia Luevano Potter, both of Clewiston, have indicated they will run for Matthew Beatty's School Board (District 4) seat. Beatty has until May 22 to tender his resignation from the Hendry School board, at which time Busin and Luevano can officially run for the then open seat.

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  1. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Which candidate raffled the firearm?