Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hendry's Brenda White Spotlighted

LABELLE, FL. -- In the Fall Issue of the Florida Crime And Intelligence Analyst News, Brenda White, Hendry County Sheriff’s Office Analyst/Investigative Assistant received recognition by the FCIAA and was spotlighted for her accomplishments.

Brenda began her career with the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office on April 1, 1998 when she was hired as a Misdemeanor Secretary for the East District Office. Shortly after that time, she advanced into the Felony Secretary position and for five years was the only CID Secretary for the East District Office. In April 2005, after Hurricane Wilma, she was transferred to the West District Office where for several years she was the only CID Secretary for the Sheriff’s Office.

Brenda began her goals to becoming an Analyst in 2004 when she attended a Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training and became a certified Analytical Investigative Technician. Brenda attended and completed the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Basic Analyst I and Basic Analyst II courses and received certification for both. Brenda is the first Crime Analyst for the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office and at times finds herself overwhelmed in researching and compiling data.

Brenda is passionate and compulsive in her role as Analyst/Investigative Assistant and doesn’t call it a day until every task on her desk is completed. Brenda has served as Board of Director to the Florida Agricultural Crimes Intelligence Unit for the past three years and as the Florida Ag Crime Counter Terrorism Network Coordinator for twelve years.

Brenda has been married to Charles White for thirty years who is also employed with the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office as the Agricultural Crimes Unit Sergeant.


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    Now if she could find work in a real atmosphere that understood crime analysis and statistical data assimilation. They certainly do not down there currently.

    GO BRENDA! FDLE and others would benefit from you as well as you them!