Saturday, February 09, 2013

Horse Rescue Facility Owners Jailed

Two Owners Charged With 19 Counts Of Animal Abandonment

LABELLE, FL. -- Heather Katherine Walsh, 41 of 6584 County Road 78 in Hendry county, and husband Michael John Walsh, 51 were arrested February 7 on 19 counts each of animal abandonment.

Video: Equine Rescue produced video on YouTube, September 2012.

Operating the Florida Equine Rescue west of LaBelle, the couple had reportedly been warned by authorities about the condition of the horses at their rural ranch. At one time there were up to 35 horses living there.

The group has appeared at several local events to raise money.

Florida Equine Rescue, Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit May, 2012. A third officer of the corporation is Chad Lamkin and the registered agent is Miriah Allyson Bowne, all of the same Hendry county address.

According to property records the land is owned by Flor L. and Esperanza Jimenez, who purchased the property in January 2012.

The court has set bond at $1,000 for each of the 19 criminal counts for Mr. and Mrs. Walsh.

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  1. Anonymous1:25 AM

    This is a shame...that the animals were allowed to suffer for so long...They have been reported for months...I'd like to know about the horses that were hidden over in Glades CTy>>> Using land they had no rights to..Acting like squatters on it..Tearing up fences--hiding autos on it.. These people deserve some hard time behind bars..

    Bet FHP/DOT are real proud of this employee..Maybe his workers comp claims need to be looked into--Oh oops maybe I should not say that I too may get struck by lightning`` Too sick to sit behind a desk and work, but could play with horses at will. FAKER--FRAUD!!

    I hope the Glades Cty Animal Control Officer that gave them horses after others had stepped forward that could have provied good and competant homes is really proud of himself now. What I really hope is, now that he is in EMT school he takes better care of his humane patients better than he did with his furry ones.

    Hope this is the end of these people..they should now be allowed to own a fuzzball under their bed let alone any kind of animal ever again.