Thursday, February 14, 2013

How's Your College Rank? New Scorecard Fails

Cost, Value, And Quality Ranked For U.S. Colleges
The College Scorecard has been released by the U.S. Department of Education as part of President Obama’s efforts to hold colleges accountable for cost, value and quality. 

Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education says it "highlights key indicators about the cost and value of institutions across the country to help students choose a school that is well-suited to meet their needs, priced affordably, and is consistent with their educational and career goals."

Duncan, says "The tool is interactive, so students can choose among any number of options based on their individual needs – including location, size, campus setting, and degree and major programs."

Each Scorecard includes five key pieces of data about a college: costs, graduation rate, loan default rate, average amount borrowed, and employment. These data will be updated periodically, and the Department plans to publish information on average earnings in the coming year.

Review: No Stars. The interface is clunky, confusing, and doesn't correctly show colleges when picked by zip code. We had to enter Fort Myers zip codes to come up with west coast Florida colleges. Otherwise it listed Miami and Fort Lauderdale schools. The information provided for many colleges was incomplete.

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