Thursday, February 14, 2013

Saving Money On Home Water Heating

Install An Inexpensive Heater Time Clock To Save Energy And Money

LABELLE, FL. -- In an effort this month to save energy around the house and promote "green" living, I've installed a simple time clock connected to my water heater. I can now choose what time to heat the water tank and when to turn it off.

A typical 30-gallon water heater only takes about 15 to 30 minutes to fully heat, and setting a turn on and turn off time each day will save many kilowatts of power. I have set mine to heat water once a day. Your family might want to elect to turn it on twice a day depending on your need for hot water for bathing or laundry.

A well insulated heater will retain hot water for many hours. You might experiment to see just how long it will stay hot depending on your use.

A simple installation of a time clock to your water heater is about a 15 minute job for your local electrician and will save many dollars over the year, greatly reducing home electricity bills.

(video: typical water heater timer installation)

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