Sunday, June 01, 2014

Hog Hunting Truck Stuck On Track - Hit By Train

BRADENTON, FL. -- A teenage wild hog hunter's pickup truck was demolished after a train hit the vehicle about 6:10 a.m. Sunday morning.

Jared Smith, 18 of Bradenton was traveling southbound in a 2002 Ford pickup truck on the east side of the railroad tracks south of Armstrong Road in Manatee county while hunting wild hogs adjacent to the railroad tracks with a group of dogs. 

The dogs crossed the railroad tracks and Smith crossed the tracks in the truck when it's left front tire became stuck on the tracks. Smith was unable to free the truck and he exited  before a southbound CSX train approached. The driver of the train was unable to stop in time to avoid striking the truck. The CSX train's left front collided with the right front side of the truck which rotated counterclockwise off of the tracks and onto the east shoulder of the railroad tracks. 

The truck came to final rest facing southeast of the railroad tracks. The train came to a controlled stop 165 feet south of the point of impact. The CSX train consisted of two locomotives and 15 box cars. The train did not derail as it was a relatively low speed impact.

Smith was charged by FHP Trooper J.B. McGrede with interfering with railroad traffic, and stopping on a railroad track.

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